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My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, May 29, 2020

Sweet Potato Vine - Neon Green - Ipomoea batatas


This is a Sweet Potato Vine but more likely cultivated for ornament purpose. This particular one does so well in shaded area - compared to the purple colored foliage which prefer direct open sunny areas - this one doesn't do well in direct sun.

It has a lovely neon green glow coloration when cultivated in shaded area that gives that subtle glow especially planted together dark shaded plants.
Also, this is a slow growing plant and also leaf eating insect & (snails & slugs) seemed to attack on these tender shoots and leaves - so they still do need attention & care on this foliage.

"Margarita" or "Marguerite" sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas "Marguerite")
grows well as cascading basket plant too. I don' allow it to grow long and leggy and therefore trim and propagate them, keeping them short and compact. 


I find that they can do well in all soil types - basically I use regular potting mix and more on a fast draining type of medium. These plants grow together with my other hanging pots and plants - as I just trim and poke them in between creating a combo plant combination together with tradescantia species and other colored foliage plants.


Regular daily watering - this is not so sensitive and able to handle watering well.


I grow this in my shade garden as I find the foliage are very interesting - similar with neon pothos or lime green philodendron - these neon tones are very vibrant that it adds that color in my garden.


Weekly foliar spray - they are slow growing plant and so they don't overgrow or become invasive rather stay put in their planted spots. Unlike the purple colored ones where it grows unruly and invasive - these are slow growing plant.

Other than that, it is a great plant to plant in between empty spots in between begonias and tradescantia species. 

I grew this outside and it grew well but it slowly became dormant and I had managed to quickly trim and replant all of the shoots and stem - here and there. The result of all the plant cuttings (pictures shown above are from this main plant (pic.below)

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