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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Maranta arundinacea variegata

Maranta arundinacea 'Variegata' is a rhizomatous perennial plant commonly known as Arrowroot
which produce a white cruchy edible rhizome.

This belong to the Marantaceae family commonly known as a prayer plant species.
The foliage coloration have a long oblong shape with splash of cream and white also it has long slender stem with a clump of leaves which may have a "walking effect" when it falls down - it starts a new colony of plants as it self propagate in that manner.

I had mistaken this for another different plant: 
Ctenanthe Lubbersiana commonly known as ‘Never-Never’ Plant. 

However it has similar appearance - 
Maranta arundinacea is more pronounced and robust than the "never-never plant"

How to Care and Cultivate Maranta arundinacea variegata

It will last for few months but may slowly die away and turn dormant in some circumstances.
If it does that - do remove the whole plant and uproot it and you will find a long "horn shaped tuber"
Rest it for few weeks and replant it back in a moist well drained soil and new shoots will appear from this tuber - starting off a new growth of robust foliage shoots.

This may require bright filtered light area - too shaded and it will turn totally green, too hot and the foliage will burn - the best will be partial shade on a hot mid day - morning sun will be ideal for this plant.

It is not a fussy plant - Ideally best if watered twice a day on a sunny day. Otherwise once a day would suffice and sometimes it can go without water for few days depending on the condition of the weather and medium.

I would recommend fast draining medium as it is tuberous plant - too much water retention medium may cause root rot.


This plant may require support ideally on a pole of a totem for it may be top heavy and may have a messy look. It would do good to bunch it together and tie up with a thin flexible wire and support.


Works best with tuber division as new plantlets does appear at the base of the shoot.
Also replanting with tuber works well too.

I would consider this one quite a hardy plant to cultivate - fairly easy and nothing much to do especially once this plant had established itself.

The pink flowers at the fore-front is Talinum paniculatum another flowering species which is commonly known as Ginseng plant. I grow it for ornamental features.


Arun Goyal said...

Wow ! James you have an incredible collection of house plants .I have always adored watching houseplants in other gardens. Maranta variegated is one of my favorite plant.I had it earlier but due to negligience of care and irregularity in watering ,I had to loose it one day.We are into summers do check out my blog on summer flowers. Happy gardening and stay safe.

James David said...

Thanks Arun Goyal for following up my garden blog and comments. I find this one hardy and easy to cultivate in my garden. Perhaps try again - I think this one is not that fussy. Will definitely dropby and visit your blog soon.

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