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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Orchids in My Garden

One of my most difficult moments is when the orchids burst to blooms when I'm still resetting the garden. I guess it must be the weather factor where it was very hot for the weeks and then the change where it started raining everyday.

And that's when the flowers begin to pop here & there when I'm halfway resetting their pots and trailing materials. This one is actually tied on the gate temporarily and that's when this one flowered - Mokara Orchid.

I'm still in love with this one.
It had flowered twice in my garden & both times it was a sudden explosion of blooms.
Vanda Orchid

I had reset my Ground Orchid. (Spathoglottis Plicata) Earlier it was sitting in a pot where I first planted it. This time I divided it into 2 pots - I guess the new breathable space gives this one to absorb more nutrients and the shock might have awaken this one to a continuous blooming.

The new location seemed to be burning the leaves but somehow the exposure promotes blooming. Rarely I get one stalk and it dies prematurely but this time I now have 3 spikes of flowers!

My office friend had given me her dancing ladies orchids (Oncidium) were actually sitting on the floor for few weeks in neglect. I had to rush this one as I had noticing that the bulbs started to rot & the leaves turning yellow and falling off.
So far now there are steadily recovering.

Hope to see the 1st flower - ASAP.

I had noticed that my Cattleya orchids actually turn out to be a whole lot of back-bulbs.
There were no new shoots coming out from the whole root mass and the pot was way too small to support the whole orchid plant.
I manage to break it up into 4 potions and gave one portion to my friend.
(Can you imagine the 4 portions of these in one small pot!)

And lastly, My Necklace orchid - the one that I rescued from the roadside.
Still going strong but haven't seen any new shoots or flowers so far.

3 bloomed and 3 more to go.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Figurine & Garden Ornaments

It was one of the zealous moments when I took one week leave and spend the time with family and friends.
And in this case going out with a friend
who is equally crazy about gardening like me.
The best part is that is he is very much informed of
(where to buy - what you want)
the nurseries and shops around Sg. Buloh area.

The best part is that because we took leave to do just that - there was no interruption, no worry about just to keep up with other errants. That is to say - enough time to consider, decide & discuss about the plants profile and exchanging ideas and knowledge.

I had stumble across this beautiful figurine.
A Japanese lady in white. (RM7.00)
I'm not so much into figurine - placing them in the garden somehow brings a lot thoughts to consider due to space and the fact that animals (chicken, cat, squirrel) visit my garden might damage my figurine.

But this one was truly an exception to me.
Sort of like a garden fairy.
I like the way she is resting her hands.
As to say,
"Can I be of your assistance?"

I don't know whether you would call this an ornament factor.
I had found this shell thrown away in a dump.
(I guess someone had decided to get rid of their aquarium content)
Personally I like the way it blends with the surrounding
- not to upfront & strong and at the same time
- evident that it is noticeable.

And the apple container
(one of the old food containers)
passed to me by my mother in law.
Looks like when it is partially viewed
behind the Bichetii Grass (Cholorophytum bichettii)
This one doesn't give out the hanging sprays like the Spider plant.

I wonder if the tiles are any way considered Garden Ornaments.
Regardless - whether it is an ornament or not,
I still like the expression of the Jatropha flower petals
fall on them each morning.

Do share with me
what you think of the subtle expression
of ornaments blending with these plants in my garden.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Make Over - Progress

I'm actually telling myself that I'm going to write
a "light & easy" posting here.
Hopefully I might just able to do that.

You see - it was really not easy for me this time.
Compared to many other yearly make-overs
this one in particular was not easy.
I guess the pictures would substitute the most of my "talking"
and so - perhaps I might just let that be the emphasise for now.

The Purple Queen is all so tidy and perfect in their own little pots.
Earlier they had crawled all over.

Managed to get another 3 small pots of EarthStar Bromeliad for RM10 from Sg.Buloh Nursery to add to this collection.
And another thing:
Snails just love to snug below the leaves.
The eggshells keeps the snails away from the plant.

Glued the tortoise this time.
Always end up lost or missing whenever I water or rains.

Any help in their ID is greatly appreciated.
(all the plants below)

I had rescued this bromeliad last year from a dump.
It was truly in a bad shape until it got stabilised as I nurture it to its best display.

I guess this is a Neoregelia.
Can anyone help me identify what actually this might be?
(I haven't seen its flower yet)

From far end to front:
a) Necklace orchid
b) Ground Orchid - Spathoglottis Plicata
c) Walking Stick Iris
d) Bromeliad

I had added 2 more air plants to my collection together with my Spanish Moss.
Not really sure of their names.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have totally no clue with this one.
I tried propagate this silvery vine but failed few times.
Anyone knows how to propagate this plant?

This one is not so hardy.
When it goes without water on a very hot day
- it tend to dry up paper crisp.
Still it does seemed robust and gives a nice cascading look.

Thanks for the help concerning the ID of the plant.

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