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Monday, January 31, 2022

Soft Launch of "The Chrysalis Project MY"


What is The Chrysalis Project MY?

This is mainly an Environmental Conservation Organization where the focus is directed to Lepidoptera husbandry and captive breeding, experimental release and re-population, educational and outreach program.

Lepidoptera husbandry here are done as such where captive breeding specifically moths and butterflies either from the eggs or caterpillars and to be released in the local environment. The process of butterflies and moth release and re-population are currently still in the experimental stage. Currently the release site are surrounding the Linc KL Shopping Mall.

The Mall do indeed have incorporated elements of nature where there are indoor grown trees, greenery and even a roof-top private garden for these butterflies to continue their life cycle process of feeding, mating and populating. As I have mentioned earlier - a lot of this is still in currently in experimental stage, hence the current focus now is very much on the educational and outreach program.

Another main element concerning this project is very much geared towards the Environmental Conservation Project where the very purpose of focused on community service directed to the idea being butterflies and moths being the main pollinators in the plant kingdom that gives the balance where there are a continuation of food and crop and create a delicate balance in the food chain. 

Do check out these sites for more detailed information concerning the 
"The Chrysalis Project MY'


The Lab, 2nd  Floor,
Linc KL, 
360, Jln Tun Razak, 
Taman U Thant, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

For more information, 
Please contact them via Facebook (link below)

EVENT:  Soft Launch of  "The Chrysalis Project MY" 
DATE: 22nd January 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 11.00am  

This is basically a soft launch Project mainly based on the context of butterfly release, public awareness and educational and outreach program. Here the children from Beaconhouse Newlands Early Years Ampang U-Thant were invited to partake the butterflies release & kids workshop program.

Also other project was introduced where the participants were introduced in cultivating plants that attracts and helps the re-population of these butterflies. Here the participants were given a flower pot with potting medium - teaching the parents how to propagate these plants using cuttings.

The event is also graced with light refreshments and was closed by noon. The children and the parents who participated this event were mesmerized by the beauty of the flight and very nature of these winged creatures - being up close and personal.


The butterflies were carefully placed in these envelops for the induvial release. All these butterflies are of local endemic species of Malaysia. It is important to note that non of these are imported or foreign species as not to introduce accidentally an invasive species which may cause undue complication causing competition with the local breed.

The Staffs of the Chrysalis Project facilitating the event handling the butterflies and also making sure everything is in order.

Here the staff is instructing how to cultivate a plant. The participants were introduced in cultivating plants that attracts and helps the re-population of these butterflies. Here the participants were given a flower pot with potting medium - teaching the parents how to propagate these plants using cuttings.

These are some of the captured moments of child-like innocence of children in their magical encounter with butterflies. They are so mesmerized in the current moment when these butterflies taking flight.

The correspondence between the parents and the child is also magical especially when these butterflies are being in their presence - though these winged creatures appear to be fragile - all of them, handled them with utmost care - handling them properly making sure they fly and connect to the bigger picture with nature being free and fully alive.

Those joy are captured here in these short sweet memories between the child and parents.

I hope you enjoyed my short review on this magical event. Truly it blessed the heart being here and witnessing all these moments - some too fast even to capture on camera, most of the butterflies flights taken place too fast even for photography which I might say only be witness by being present here.

It is truly a noble effort to cultivating awareness to the public both from parents, children and teachers - to create a better future for everyone that beautiful creatures such as these are not lost for future generations to come. 

Kudos to The Chrysalis Project Management and Staff for their continuous constant effort in keeping up with these works on public awareness and conservation projects.

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