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My Vertical Garden Wall


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fairies in the Garden

Its going to be a little difficult to describe concerning fairies.
I did ask few of my gardener's friends on what you think about them.
To a certain degree - I did get raised eyebrows and a look that sounds like - 
"What! You believe in fairies??"
Guess its a guy thing not to fall for these mumbo-jumbo factor.
Well, I guess - I didn't continue with that conversation or leading to any explanation.
You can't go so far in any explanation when you hear a person says that they don't believe in the existence of fairies.

OK - Let me rephrase:
I don't go after fairies like the one who chases butterfly with a net and all.
I wouldn't say that I'm neutral about it - that whether they exist or not doesn't trouble me.

What I'm getting at is that :- 
IF there is an unseen creature as just as fairies.
And that they do exist and
IF they exist and make a dwelling place in your garden.
How would your reaction be?

- Would you continue to garden as you would usually do - regardless or
Would you change your perception concerning your garden.

I wonder if you would had watched any of the fairy themed movies - like Peter Pan, Thumbelina or Tinkerbell. There are lot more of these mystical creature based movies coming out very popular even the Box Office like Harry Porter and The Spiderwick Chronicles
And a lot more which I really can't recall much.

OK - leave out the entertainment industry - what about Garden Ornaments?
Even those who buy them will consider them as cute figurine regardless of their existence.

To me personally - I can sense fairies.
I understand that they are assigned to take care of nature.
They are nature spirit and to some extend there are some order and a complicated hierarchy involved in who does what. I'm really not sure of their detailed issues - what I know is that when they are present in a garden - the garden will certainly look beautiful and healthy.

Perhaps they do & work better in the unseen world.
And in the matter of the unseen world there is a host of things and issues that we really don't know or care about. Strange as it may seemed - the old folks and the native people somehow had lots of stories and legend concerning them. Its a pity that this treasure is slowly getting lost and faded away.

And to a certain extent the touch of a gardener hands is slowly replaced with an industrial, bland, uniformity.
A lot of garden now replaced with a landscape ideology which do not have a magic touch.
It just too boring and plain "dead"
An arrangement of line-up palm trees with ixora's in between is not a garden. 
But that is what it happening now.
And soon when the place appears to have weeds and grass growing in between  the collection - 
its truly a sore eye.
That's when you know - that there is no fairy taking care of this place.

I had heard countless true stories where the same similar issue is been always brought up.
Somewhere in the forest a tree cannot be fell - somehow an unseen force at work either make the worker sick or the vehicle unable to operate or the tools seemed not working.
So much so the work had to be abandon or a compromise/leverage had to be made.

Cases where people go missing in a jungle even in an island. Somehow they cannot see or feel so lost.
And often there is a mystical connection concerning these issues that they are not accurately studied or addressed.

A lot of folktales and old wife tales influenced from these realms.
Few I often remember - Do not garden in the night. Don't plant these plants in front of your house.
And yes the most famous one - Do not pluck flowers in the night...

So yes - its going to be hard believing in the existences of fairies.
(not to equate with the believe that you must adhere in these fairy tales - folklore rules - I certainly don't)

But somehow - that you rely very much on your senses.
Somehow - coming from the depth of your senses - you somehow learn to trust your instincts.
That there is some strange feeling that gives you a warning sign not to go near there, or to that tree, or that pond and your heart beats twice the fast if you brace yourself against your senses.

And true enough you found that a viper is coiled so invisible by the tree, or its too late by then when you find that your foot is resting on a vicious ant nest or being near a pond - getting your footwear all muddy and soaking wet (you thought it was dry ground)

Yes - when you are so seasoned with these situation in the garden.
Somehow the sense is so acute that you know something is wrong in the garden.
(That someone had plucked flowers or stuff without your knowledge (and you suddenly checking the scene of the crime) or that you seek and found a plant is almost dying because it got knocked over, or a flower is about to bloom - and you just noticed it when the plant it placed in a hidden, un-obvious place)

And you always arrive to the scene in the garden at the right precise moment to handle and correction the situation before it is too late.

As I said - it is going to be difficult to explain about a lot of things.
What I want to say is that - I had found that magic is real in my garden.
There is this good feeling that comes when a flower blooms or 
see the Caladium leaves with different spots of reds in the their leaves.
Or See a Sunbird come and drink nectar from the flowers
or watching the flutters of the bees and the butterflies.

What is your magic in your garden?
How do you say it: The source of the Enchantment?
Do you have a fairy in your garden?
Do you care to share your story?

There is a nice document on : Fairy Faith also

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

Sometimes it is truly nice to appreciate and thank the bloggers who continuously write and support (in this case gardening). This is a place where total strangers become good cyber friends - who advice and support each other in giving tips and garden applications.
And I think this would be the nice appropriate time to do so - using this award.

Thanks Stephanie from Steph's Green Space for this lovely award. It had been ages since I received one.

Here are the rules upon accepting The Versatile Blogger award:

a) Thank the person who gave you  the award.
b) Include a link to their blog. (click on the name of the blog)
c) Select  15 bloggers that you follow or have just discovered who you would  consider fit the bill   of a 'versatile' blogger. (personally - I think any number will do - depending on your situation)
d) Tell  7 random facts about yourself.
e) Include  this set of rules in your post.
f) Inform  each of your nominated bloggers of their nomination.

I'm sure you would be thinking: Versatile? Who? Me?
Yeah... that's what was running on my mind.
Anyway, I check some definition from Google and found some interesting stuff:

Versatile as:
1) Capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, field of endeavor.
2) Having or capable of many uses.

In no special order, the 17 blogs that I would like nominate for the award are:
I'm not sure whether you can double award a person - regardless I still find that each of them are special & versatile in their own garden styles and taste:

1) Autumn Belle from My Nice Garden.
She is so rich with her passion with flowers and plants. 
She also blogs in My Garden Directory, 
Klang - Malaysia Daily Photo
My nice flowers
(Wow! that's Versatile)

2) Andrea from Andrea in this Lifetime. She is passionate about plants, nature & wild life. She also blogs in Pure Oxygen Generators with a pen-name Kalantikan

3) Stiletto
The way she puts nature and plants together in a harmony and the perception of how everything balance in their order. As she puts it: A Tranquil Niche for Reflection.

4) Aaron from Aaron's Gardening Blog.
I believe he is the youngest enthuasiatic gardener I had ever come across who is able to juggle all the school life pressure together with everything life got to offer and still manage gardening.  
He loves  video games, animate, makes models & also enjoys papercrafts.

5) Evelyn (Gone Tropical) from Blogging in Myrtle Glen
Whenever I see her Garden - it amaze me how Central Florida can be so similar to my region.
Most of the common plants there are also common in my garden and region but we are exactly world's apart. 

6) Noel from A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii.
He writes about the Life & Times of all beautiful, colourful things that takes place in his place. And always beautiful to see through his eyes & perception even to the smallest details when it comes to flowers & plants.

7) Ami from Southeast Florida Garden Evolvement
This is another favourite Florida blog concerning Garden. There is something new in her garden.

8) Africanaussie.
I was really not sure where to comment in her blog and end-up commenting in Explore the Tropics.
I didn't realise that she was very active in Africanassie (title of her blog) and that she got a very beautiful garden with colourful plants. This award truly declares her as a Versatile blogger.

She also blogs in:
 Africanaussie's Favourite recipes
Explore the Tropics
Africanaussie crafts
Putting pen to paper

9) Grace from Gardening with Grace.
A very nice open concept of ornamental garden plants where each plant is beautifully placed in their own specific spot. And they all blend harmoniously with the burst of colours that refreshes your spirit. She also blogs in Subplots by Grace.

10) Anandhirajan from Anandhirajans art n craft
Now she is truly a Versatile blogger - she shares all her work on Murals, Jewellery making, Paintings, Pencil Shading, E-cards & Garden Ideas.
There is a lot of experiments and works that she does here that truly can expand anyone's creativity.

11) Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls.
A Malaysian Gardener in Australia. I enjoy seeing her versatility in able to juggle so many things - keeping up with the family, gardening, cooking and harvesting vegetables. Now that is a lot to consider to handle in one day.
She also blogs in Kebun Bahagia Bersama.

12) Rosie from Leavesnbloom
I enjoy how she writes and relates all the season of time with her garden. 
Every season have its beautiful rare moments which I never seen. How nature handles versatility in bringing about it daily struggle and the beauty of it is so well defined in her blog.

13) Wendy from Greenish Thumb
An excellent writer who is able to transparently relate all the life issues and putting gardening together in that equation. And the amazing part of how she cooks with the yield that comes from her garden, the wonderful simple & easy recipes, Garden stories with family and friends that truly warms the heart.
Another rare versatile blogger.

14) Sue from A Corner Garden
One thing I admire is that she always take the trouble to keep up with the ever-changing seasons in her garden. And I truly admire her ability to put the right plants in the right location with the sequence of the seasonable blooming. I'm very sure I won't be able to manage that kind of disciple. Being Versatile in the keeping the best of gardening in every season is really hard work.

15) Alistair from Aberden Gardening from Bonnie Scotland
The colours from his garden is so timeless that it would captivate you to enjoy the stillness and the beauty that comes from his garden. He really takes his time to ensure that nothing is missed out. And I'm enjoying his work a lot.

16) Makarimi from Orchids de Dangau
An orchid expert who is very well versed with orchids & participates many orchid exhibitions. 
He also have a peacock and poultry farm which he also blogs there.

17) Orchids from Antonio.
You will marvel to notice the excellent in the details he put in exhibiting the different species of the orchids. This is art and science together.
(You may have to click - Translate page to read his blog)

Seven random facts about myself:

1) I'm currently pursuing a degree in Practical Theology. Both my wife and I are doing it together and so there is a lot of support and help comes when we are studying together.

2) Love to inspire, encourage and support others. 
Sometimes I do too much and it might end up appearing to be nagging or being pushy.

3) Hate to see plants die - I end up rescuing them.
(Most of the time - I check if they are infected with virus or pest - don't want to jeopardise my current garden plants accidentally)

4) I enjoy singing - it just lifts up the spirit and the soul.
  (Don't know whether others enjoy listening to me or not - Guess that is another matter)

5) Love to sit back, relax, enjoy every moment of time in the garden. Not so much of an outdoor person or adventure.

6) I like everything to be neat and tidy.
Currently I have my children who loves to mess things up and so that ideal lifestyle of perfection is just a big challenge to keep the house in order daily.

7) I started to realise that I'm an Empath.
Earlier I thought that it was empathy & that it was just some sort of a skill or something.
Then I realise after reading few bloggers who dedicate themselves in explaining very well about Empath - that was truly an enlightening moment to realise why my emotion and senses seemed to be heighten and amplified in great proportion.
It might seemed that its a lot of exaggeration here - but I guess most gardeners are - especially when they are in touch with nature and plants - something magical happens to them.
Empathic Perspective

I'm very sure that a lot more people do deserve this award.
Please let me know if you would like it as I'm glad to send this award to you.

And yes - a lot of us are pressed for time and all.
(Putting up this list also takes a lot of time - so.. I understand if you are unable to adhere this rules and all - it is not compulsory  that you need to accept this nomination like what I did)

And I think 15 bloggers is really too much to handle for some (unless you got few dozen in your daily listing) I'm sure you can send just a few which you think that might make a difference. In any case - I leave it to you to make the decision.

I guess there are a lot of blogs to check here. Do take your time and enjoy reading a whole lot of treasures here.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whites in the Garden

Its going to be difficult to explain when it come to colours especially when it is white.
You see - you don't really notice it. 
Somehow the whole white thing falls into the background with the rest of the foliage greens and before you know it - its invisibly everywhere.
(or perhaps that's how it appears to my perception)

Again - when a bug sees it - Does it really see it in white?
I saw a documentary where when they see it in an ultra-violet light - these whites are actually brilliant blue.
Ain't that a beauty - transforming all my white into blues.
And again - in a science project that a white light can be split into a spectrum of a rainbow.
Now, Isn't that really a something to consider.

And all the while - I thought that white is only clothed by plants which gives focused in giving out its fragrance. I can't quite make sure why foliage too makes its colours.
Nevertheless - I love the shades of lime, cream & pink in my garden.

What is your White story in your Garden?
Love to hear that Snow white Story.

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