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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Garden Update - August 2013

Its been about 2 months after the last reset.
These garden plants and they are behaving very well. 

I really like how the Coleus plants standing up well with their coloured foliages. The Costus had well behaved too growing in a well manner at the background.

Usually they will spike out from the original position and span out upfront blocking whatever plants that is in front of them. 
This time around - it really look satisfactory to me.

Blue flowers are coming out well in my garden. 
Thanks to my friend who had passed to me his garden plants - He now wants to focus more on planting Orchids.

This is how it looked like after the heavy pruning
(if you want to see the major comparison / difference - click to this link below)

Cleared the Messy Garden - July 2013

Garden Update - August 2013

On my earlier post, I mentioned about the Bleeding Heart Vine.
Just around the corner these are the other residence that somehow forms the background around it.
I often prune and braid these vines and my other plants become visible once again.
Here are the residence:
Variegated Bougainvillea, Firecracker plant & Variegated Costus.

My Ground Orchid seemed to going strong for another month. I noticed more flower spikes sprouted.
Its been a little more of a jungle here and may have to find a weekend or a holiday to reset this area again.
Time seemed to be a big issue in gardening.

When I find the time, as always: its always raining.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bleeding Heart Vine - Clerodendrum Thomsoniae

After checking my blog, 
I found that I had this plant since August 2009. (4 years plant) 
It is amazing how in just 4 years this plant never fail to reward so many blooms continuously non-stop month after month. 
I also realised that I really never wrote about this plant except for the wonderful blooms.

Most of the details can be checked from Google. 
What I want to add is which is not found generally in the database.


The best I found is from the matured stem cuttings. 
They may stay dormant for weeks, then sprouts may appear from the nodes. Sometimes few of the cuttings may not survive - so it is best to have more cuttings planted than just one. I had planted like 5 vines and only 3 survived, even then only two managed to reach maturity stage. 

Once they start growing - you really don't have to worry as more vines and new plants emerge from the base roots area. 


I often hard prune them once the flowering season is over. 
Normally once the bloom is spend the vine sort of die back. 
I strip off the leaves and twine all the vine together making a braid & tie them together in a bundle.
I find that very neat looking and give a very cool look where the bare area where I strip of  all the matured leaves.


They do so well in shaded or semi-shade areas.
They survive in hot sunny area but they tend to have burned leaves and blooms. I find they are very hardy when it comes to pest. Quite a resistant plant.
The blooms last for weeks and newer blooms sprouts within a month.


They are invasive & will crawl & twine all over, everywhere. 
The vine seemed to sprout more side branches and they tend to knot here & there which may look ugly. 

One vine when through a hanging pot watering hole and came out sprouting with few branches and that one was heavy with blooms. I had only trimmed it off after the flowering season was over. This is one of the reasons why they need pruning time to time. 

The vine are very flexible and you may need to watch out as they do tend to be so elastic that the tendency of it to slap back at your face like a whip can happen.

They do have a running underground rhizomes that new shoots to pop out elsewhere in the garden space. So you may have to watch out for that too.

Once you plant this plant - consider it as a permanent plant in your garden, or else don't plant it because you will have hard time removing it. 
(unless you are considering a major renovation in your garden)


Since this is so rich and invasive. I had not put any fertiliser to it.


The locals calls it Nyonya Makan Sirih. 
I had read few of the herbal remedies about it but haven't dared tried it. 

This is another different type of Bleeding Vine. 
It had been growing very slowly hopefully it can grow faster and link together with the other one giving a good colour combination.

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