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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Batu Caves Hills

This is my everyday view in my place.
The problem is I have to rush to work every morning (to prepare the children to be send to the baby sitter) and rush to send my wife to work and then get to my office by 9 am.

And by the time work is over on a regular basis, leaving by 6pm (not exactly but about there)
and then go to fetch my wife's from her workplace..
then to the baby sitters place to get my children..
And its almost night.. (then what's there to snap..its already dark)

Ahh.. rushing & rushing & rushing....
right from the morning and getting home..
another ordeal.. of preparing chores and taking care of this & that..
by the time all is done and over.. its about 11pm...
(and what is there to garden.. except the emergency watering...)
or get too tired and tell myself that I will do it in the morning..

Then, that particular morning, I end up getting late for work..
and the cycle begins again..
Thank God for the random rain.. its a savior for my plants...
for the days which Im unable to water...

Or one of my begonia or coleus or ferns will start to wither
and the emergency rescue is needed to revive the dying plant..
So much so..
I have to do away with most of the sensitive plants
But somehow, they will find their way into my garden
(either my mum will insist that I should learn to take care of it
or the seeds sprouts somehow from the last bloom - velvet begonia & wishbone flower)

But as for now, it rains and I have time to breathe
and enjoy my garden and my evening views...

Talking about evening view..
This picture is taken when I was waiting for my wife to buy milk from a grocery store.
Which waiting, I thought why not have this one taken..
(Pls note, that is not my house)

Somehow, the view is just enthralling,
enough to give me another boost to push myself for another week or so..
or that one day, I may go and seek this nature quest
to the hillside and enjoy the nature and wildlife

Well, when there is even a slightest tingle of a rainbow,
there is always hope...
(again, just before the sun set at the last second...)
before I can take another shot for a better view.. its gone..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wax Rose - Pereskia Bleo

Common names: Rose cactus, Wax rose, Cactus Bleo & Leaf Cactus

I had tough time identifying this species name, firstly most of the websites are giving different species names for this same plant.

As far as I can identify these are the results:

1) Pereskia Bleo - has the orange flower (wax rose)

2) Pereskia Grandiflora - has pink flowers in a clustered crown (rose cactus)

3) Pereskia aculeata - has smaller cream flowers with berry like fruits - (leaf cactus, Barbados shrub, Barbados gooseberry)

4) Pereskia Sacharosa - There is a illustration that this plant has white flower, but upon checking most of the websites, it shows the combination of all the pereskia flowers put together.

Its from a true cactus family,
It is said to have medical properties especially when it comes to anti-cancer properties.
There are few ways of consuming it. (Use the leaves)
1) Eat it raw as a salad
2) Boil it (green leaves) and drink like tea.
I haven't tried it yet..
Said to have a high preventive elements for cancer.

These are the fruit pods.

Notice the thorns.
The local name for this plant means Seven Spiked Needles.
(Jarum Tujuh Bilah)
I had experience it when I collected this plant and wrapped it several layers of newspaper but thorns manage to pierce through the paper and I had hard time handling it.
Alternatively, I cut all of the thorns using a scissors.
I think it will do good for handling sake.
Would suggest when children are around playing in the garden.
This plant is messy and ruthless when it concerns thorns.
But somehow, it has a beautiful flower to be admired.
I wonder whether the flower can be eaten instead of the leaves,
they do have very decorative impact in salad dressing though.

This is the overall plant, quite huge actually.

Mother of Thousand - Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Also known as Devil's spine & Mexican Hat.
I guess there is many varieties to this plant.
I can't really remember how I got this plant.
But I do remember that this was one plant that is difficult to rid off.

I had placed them as hanging plants together with other succulents & cactus.

The one thing I admire is the rosy formation the plant makes together with all the little plantlets it produce. But till today, I haven't get to see them bloom.

This is my current ones.
Just 2 pots at the balcony with my cactus.
I love the gloss looking red splash on the leaves.

These are another picture I took near my office where I found this plant growing in a planter box. Its a sad thing to note that it goes to much abuse. If taken cared properly, it would have been a very beautiful array of mother of thousands.

I guess no one cares much about this invasive plant.
Whoever planted this would have thought..
"at least, its not grass or weed"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ivy Gourd - Coccinia grandis

I found this very attractive looking fruit hanging by the roadside.
I took some pictures and it looks like a miniature cucumbers.
They certainly look red when ripen.

I guess its red to attract birds to feed on them for the seed propogation.

It has a white flower and maple leaf like shape for the leaves.
A closer look at the red coloured fruits.

I took it back and cut it and found that even the green fruits
have red insides..
I guess these are not those miniature cucumbers which I thought it was.
But more from the gourd family.
I really have no idea what it is, I had searched and got tired searching from googles but have no clue exactly what is this specied or its common name.
Anyone have any idea whats it called?
Appreciate greatly if you can help me finding its name.
Someone had put a comment for me concerning this name: Ivy Gourd.
Very interesting indeed when I check the details thru googles.

Memoria Emotionalism

Im feeling blue...
or in this
wished I had a drop of zeal...

And the songs of winds becons me..
rings of chime..
above, aloft, about, upright...

But now..
its windless...

And waited...
And wreaths of memory envelops me...

From the bossom of the horn,
flowed sparklets of rubies...
A glimmer of hope...
my blue is turning green...
Yet time is so slow...

And so slowly she crawled ,
when my world is ruthlessly fast,
like a fish...
from morning to night...
again in all days of my life...

Clutters of rose hugging by my shoulders
and arm full of comfort
that grace often taken for granted..

That raindrops share,
upon the petals of care,
and behold a dream in a dream
an unawaken mood of my blues...

A stone throw...
glazed robes of royal and bright..
a friend with a helping hand..
to lift up upon a moss..

And Mountains peak a pair...
around the shrouded pearls..
upon a Man and his Woman..
standing side by side....

Extended a welcome...
a brace of outburst..
outpouring upfront...
entwined two into one..

From the North to the South,
To the East and the West,
From the Top to the bottom
and his sides and hers...

As there was seen against all odds,
entwined with barbs..
yet grace prevails..
raindows and dews behold..

There was three,
Love, Joy and Peace...
By the shore, maidens washed her hair,
and her mother stand guard her daughters...
by the valley lay thick inside the woods..
where hidden tigers found sleeping peacefully...
And then awaken these beast,
with piercing eyes..
of flames of red,
sparking in the dense forest...

The maidens frightened,
but flee away when mother protects
but behold a charming prince appeared
with blazing armor at the edge of the woods...
Then a charming fairy appeared
her gown flow freely innocent
that grace of green and white..
and my blue turned evergreen..
The tigers was assured their sleep
The maiden married the prince
her mother and his nation rejoiced
what the fairy accomplished
upon my evergreen day...

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