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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Doritis Orchids - Update

Finally it bloomed
Only ti realise that this one of the most common ones that blooms profusely
It should be.. but somehow it's a rare occurrence earlier in my garden.
Now, I'm the proud owner of an orchid that suppose to bloom profusely is blooming now..
I can't emphasise the irony of how it feels..
Its like waiting for dandelions to bloom by the fields..(my garden)
But then.. are not dandelions suppose to be bursting into blooms?
Like a common sight?
Exactly.. that's how I'm feeling.

This is totally a new one.
It had never flowered before and I'm eagerly anticipating to see its full bloom.
Hopefully it's not the same one as the one in it's prime blooming.

If all these works,
This had finally brought back my confidence in having orchids again.
(again.. It took a long while to crack the code and I had a big deal of them to get this far)

This is the new flower spike replacing the old one.
Another new spike is coming to replace this one..
It's just too amazing a feeling to see them in continuous blooms.
I wished I won't get bored seeing them blooming.

Doritis Orchids Reset

One of the most frustrating things about orchids it the anticipating of waiting to see their glorious blooms but facing the reality where it starts to shed all of it's leaves and finally die rotting away.

One can only imagine when purchasing the glorious orchid blooms from a nursery
and never see the next blooming cycle.. no wonder many toss them away to avoid further disappointment.

I for one, out of impulse bought many and see many fallen away..
Rotten to the core and seeing them turn into a sour soup..
first the leaves, one by one (at most they have 6-4 leaves)
then the rotting of the core centre and the last dangling roots which is like a headless horseman - never to re-live again.

Then I had a eureka moment..
Turning Coke plastic bottles into orchid pot - the transparent plastic helps in resetting the rotting roots and remove the damage faster before the rot infection.
And the holding cup setting helps to hold the foliar fertiliser longer compared to the exposed medium style of which I had set them in kokedama balls.

Within a month, after weekly fertilising regime,
Weekly - weakly
most of the doritis and the oncidium orchids starting shooting the flower spikes.
Then within the next month..
the old flowers had faded and new flower spikes started sprouting out.

I suddenly realised that this makes a big deal for my doritis orchids.
This is the first time I'm seeing the doritis orchids shooting out lots of it's flower spikes..
More on a regular basis compared to the year-end blooms when there is a temperature drop due to the rainy season.

Through this method,
I'm constantly having flower spikes - one after another
Just as one is spend.. another new one replaces the former glory.
I now, waiting in anticipation to see all of the rest of the phalaenopsis orchids to bloom.
Hopefully it is not in vain after all.

I had finally decided that finally if this fails
All of these are going into the bin as I'm tired waiting for them for years..
To see them bloom again for one more time.

Until then,
I shall enjoy and mark the ones that brought me joy in showcasing their glory (blooms)
And stain those which refuse stubbornly to show but hide in their timid colours.
Again,, until then..
I shall wait patiently..
while console myself enjoying the rest in bloom.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Staghorn Fern - Updates

This was the first time I got a staghorn fern, it was 2 years ago.
It was dying and somehow managed to revive it
Eventually it grew and regenerated into a beautiful plant.

Occasionally I stash in banana fruit skin in between the dry leaves.
Finally I got a beautiful crown.

Staghorn Fern - Update

Finally, the male-part of the leaf is taking shape and taking cover over the rootball.
Kind of nice to see how it envelops the whole thing and the 2 split-leaf formation on the cascading leaves is just amazing over the water pond.

I found that I can add some plants into the fern rootball and somehow it adds some nice strong features. Here I added ribbon fern (hope I got the name correct)
It does look a bit rough.. and so, hopefully it takes the graceful look in falling properly.
Only time will tell - whether it will grow properly or suffer & die.

This was rescued.. a small strand - growing in between the nook & corner.
I'm guessing it's button ferns and looking forward to see it full grown features.

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