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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, January 30, 2023

KVPA Plant Acquisition Event No:3 (PEE3)


Event: PEE3

Time: 10.00am - 8.00pm

Date: 11th April 2020 (Sunday)

Location : Venue
The Linc KL, Level 2,
360, Jalan Tun Razak, 
Kuala Lumpur

KVPA has just been offered a complimentary space in the LINC, Ampang for members to exchange plants, seeds and other gardening ware this Sunday (11/4/21) from 10 am to 8 pm. 

There will be no sales involved, only exchanges and gifting. 
So here are some suggestions on what you can do:
1. Follow the modus operandi of our previous events whereby you list the plants you have to offer in advance and interested members can contact you and make the necessary arrangements, especially regarding time as date and venue are fixed, and the hours are long.

2. Just bring whatever plants/seeds/etc you can offer and leave them at the booth for people to come and get them. Surplus plants will be taken care of by The Chrysalis Project staff in the rooftop garden. They can be re-gifted at future events. All plants must be labelled and you can leave your name as the gifter if you wish. Prepare your cuttings and package them nicely for people to take them away.

Notes from the Organiser: Prof Chan

It was a fast-paced and very active event with so many members coming to donate plants and pick up plants. Many went away happy with all their newly acquired plants, including myself. I did not make a proper head count but traffic was really brisk. 

We owe Darren Chow and Linc management a vote of thanks for offering us the free booth. 
Much thanks to all who helped man the booth, especially Anas Seow, YC Meng, Tovee, Teoh Geok Kheng, Brendda Ooi , Darren and his team from the Chrysalis Project who took over during the later hours and handled all the surplus plants, and many others. 

Jenny Cheong helped package seeds. 
Some brought food. Thank you! 
And to all who donated plants and gifts - you are awesome!!!!! 
Thank you, thank you.

These are some of the plants brought forward to Prof Chan residence to be given away as free plants to the general public for this PEE3. Truly amazed by the generosity and kindness of KVPA members.

There was many other freebies specially prepared for KVPA members attending the event. 
To claim these we have a password - PLANT-IT-FORWARD for collection.

Prof Chan in her element

Anas, who gave us so much laughs.

Happy recipients of free plants

He was so happy with this giant caladium from Anas.

A gift from Candy. Going to make cold brew coffee.

Members came in a steady stream to donate plants for the event

Members selecting plants to take home

Checking in with their MySejahtera app.
Much thanks to Darren Chow who printed this QR code for us.

This Iranian lady came when i was about to leave.
She was so very happy with all the free plants she got.
She told me pomegranate leaves can be used to make tea.

Jimmy Tan from the BU community farm

Gratitude Post to Wong Ryui Bynn

This post is to honour and thank Wong Ryui Bynn , owner of Opus Farm in Shah Alam for his generosity in donating 70 packs of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free vegetables for free distribution to KVPA members. 
What a treat this was to KVPA members who attended the event.

Gifts of vegetables from Opus farm

Gratitude Post from Hoh Choy Har

Here's Chip after  PEE3.
Gardening is indeed a slow and a wonderful journey. 
We meet new friends and forms the same kaki's, gila gang who loves to play with soil.

Blink blink from PEE4 to PEA7 !
Thanks to KVPA member @Kenneth Ho for trusting me with Tea Cup. 
And today we meet again with him having a tray of kuih talam!

Gratitude Post from Callie Chan

Nice time meeting with fellow gardeners at the event Brendda Ooi, Chong See Ming, Tovee Wan. Thanks Chan Eng Heng, Darren Chow & YC Meng for making this event so fabulous.

Goodies for 25 bottles of this Kefir Eco-Enzyme that can be used to fertilise your plants. Members were required to mention the KVPA password to claim this freebie.

More goodies. Thank you Angeline Kee. KVPA members

Notes from Darren Chow for PEE3

Some of you may think I have the best job in the entire world, 
some of you may even think I am having the happiest time of my life. 
You are not wrong. 

Unfortunately it is also the most difficult, challenging and exhausting part of my life. 
To pursue a better future and to preserve a better environment for those that come after us, and not leave a legacy of pollution, irreversible extinction and climate change. 

No it is not easy going against corporates, neither is it easier to change popular opinion. 
It is tiring, no exhausting. The #PEE3 event reminded me that I was not alone. 

We are not alone in this endeavour. Yes I know I am rude, yes I know I may be difficult to work with, and yes I know have not officially thanked everyone that has participated and contributed to this event. Let me humbly apologise and thank our sweet and dear admin for agreeing and participating in this event despite me being a constant source of irritation and thorn in her side with my unrelenting and ceaseless requests and often inappropriate manners. 

Let me also humbly apologise and thank all of our dear members that had participated and contributed. I know this is so impersonal but there were so many of you and I do not with where or whom to begin with. I will make amends for this when our path crosses next and our universes collide. 
It's a promise. 

Thank you. I am having a really surreal moment, a lost but yet found moment in time, a zen voice that reminded me to be grateful and to appreciate what I have. We are going to explore this further, the almighty prof and I, please pm me if a voice inside you beckons a ticket for the journey we are about to take.

Klang Valley Plant Acquisition Event (PEE3) on 11-Apr-21 @ LINC
Youtube made by Jimmy Tan from the BU community garden.

Do click on the Link Below for more detailed write-up post on all the List of Collections of 
PEE1 to PAE10

Sunday, January 29, 2023

KVPA Plant Acquisition Event No:2 (PEE2)


Event: PEE2

Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm

Date: 8th Aug 2020 (Saturday)

Location : Venue
Near the KL Italian restaurant
by the name of Via Pre
Via Pre,
25, Lorong Setiabistari 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Notes from the Organiser: Prof Chan

An event for group members to exchange or sell plants and gardening products. It was held in the same manner as PEE1. Members will announce the plants they wish to offer and arrange with potential recipients on the exchange currency.

My worm farmer friend sold some of his products like vermicompost, cow dung, goat dung, rice bran, worms, etc. Since there is some selling, members can also sell their plants and other gardening related stuff. If you have something a gardener can use and you no longer need it, you can bring it along for adoption.
As before, everyone are required to wear a name tag, label your plants, especially those you wish to sell and include a price tag as well.

There will be no booths as you will basically operate from the boot of your car. Parking lots will be on a first come first served basis. You can extend the duration of the event by arranging lunch with your friends in the cafes nearby.

Attendance was amazing with 60 registered. participants. Body temperatures recorded ranged from 35.8 - 36.7 °C. I have no record of the plants that changed hands, but am sure it was phenomenal.

We shall comply with the SOP for Covid-19. Hence wear face masks, practice social distancing as far as possible and bring your own hand sanitizers.

Thank you everyone for your support and for observing the covid-19 SOP.

Do click on the Link Below for more detailed write-up post on all the List of Collections of 
PEE1 to PAE10


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