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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall
My Vertical Garden Wall

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Top 10 Hanging Cascading Plants (video)

This is My Cascading Foliage Collection. 
I wanted to identify to you the Top 10 Hanging Cascading Plants.
Basically all of these are mainly Epiphytes Collection. 
Here I'm showcasing to you these species: 

1) Huperzia Species: 
Huperzia phlegmaria, 
Huperzia nummularifolia, 
Huperzia squrrosa, 

2) Epiphyllum Species: Queen of the Night 
Epiphyllum crenatum, 
Epiphyllum 'Curly Locks', 

3) Bromeliads species: 
Neoregelia compacta, 
Neoregelia 'Fire Ball', 
Cryptanthus bivittatus, 

Cymbidium finlaysonianum, 
Bulbophyllum sp., 
Oberonia sp., 
Dendrobium leonis, 
Dendrobium alifolium, 
Dendrobium terminate, 
Seidenfadenia mitrata, 

5) Hoya species: 
Hoya Kerri 'variegata' 
Hoya carnosa 'variegata' 

6) Dischidia species: 
 Dischidia oiantha 'variegata' 
Dischidia albiflora 

7) Rhipsalis species: 
Rhipsalis baccifera 
Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides 
Rhipsalis paradoxa 

8) Ferns: 
Bird Nest Fern 
Rabbit's Foot Fern 

9) Selaginella sp: 
Selaginella uncinata 
Selaginella willdenowii 

10) Tillandsia species: 
Tillandsia ionantha 
Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia 'Cotton Candy' 
Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) 

 Another factor concerning this arrangement creates bio-diversity in gardening style and one of the benefits that comes from this is that there is no pest problems. 

As such - I DO NOT USE pesticide in my garden. 

Bio-Diversity helps in keeping pest at best. 

Other factor - These grow in semi-shaded indirect area in my garden. 
Watering is important - too much water can cause them root rot - just keeping them moist and fresh - I lightly mist them and if at all only water them 2-3 days once and refrain from watering on rainy days.

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