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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

6 Reasons Why you need to repot your Anthurium Plant (Crystallinum X Magnificum 'D' Petiole)

These are basically my collection of Anthuriums which I have managed to collect and cultivate over the years. These are very slow growing plants - where the growth process is very likely limited as one leaf per month hence a lot of patience it required and also I had find that their leaves can easily get damaged hence a lot of care is required in cultivating these type of plant. 

This particular type of Anthurium are very much cultivated for their foliage beauty - very much directed as an ornamental plant and also can be considered as a Rare Plant Type. Here in this video - I will be talking a lot of their many different variations in between their plant characteristics in their hybrid difference and what to look out for their unique features.

The identification factor is very much directed in noting all the special and unique features on these Anthurium plants.

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