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My Vertical Garden Wall
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

How to Care for Selaginella

Selaginella is a fern amd moss ally, not a true fern commonly known as spikemoss.
This particular species is known as Selaginella willdenowii due to the blue iridescent blue sheen that appears on the leaf surface when it grows under bright shade. 

Often appears under forest canopy, these are a climbing, trailing type and can easily wither if lacking humidity and growth care.


It requires good watering, too less watering may cause leaf drop and droopy.
Too much water can cause the leaves to turn yellow the tips.


It won't do well in epiphyte mix medium like orchid mix type - this require soil based medium, ideally 50% potting mix and 50% sand (fast draining medium)

However, this appear to be loose trailing plant with fine thin root spikes appearing at each nodes with each top growth and may able to grow together with  other epiphyte plants.


Foliar Fertilizer, spray weekly on half strength works best for this type of fern


Bright Shaded Light, this can also acclimated to receive bright direct sunlight with good humidity surrounding it.

This the green species which is much more stable and easy to grow compared to the blue iridescent one. I found that cultivating this selaginella must be immediately done as it is very sensitive and can easily wither and dried out if not placed in a high humidity condition with good watering regime.

Above is the how the fine roots filament, it appears at each node section at each plant growth.

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