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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Giant Orchid - Grammatophyllum Speciosum (Updated)

It was one of my zealous moments
where I have decided to just go and see whats happening in this Orchid Garden.
Its situated inside KL Lake Gardens area.

Getting there by motorbike is very versatile and easy
as the journey getting there by public transport is going to exhaust you.
Taking the car there is no joke as parking is so far from this spot
(with limited parking plot, one have to go further away just to get a spot)

This particular orchid is planted at the open door area new the water fountain.
I had recently check out the place few weeks ago (Sept 2019)
The management is still improving the garden space
It was not how it used to be before - quite sad actually.
(There will be more exotic orchids you can see and behold in Sg. Buloh nurseries or any other local orchid vendors compared to this Orchid park)

Anyway, coming back to this orchid.
Its truly a remarkable specimen. One of the Largest Orchids in the World.

It is known as Tiger Orchid or better known
as Giant Orchid, Sugar Cane Orchid or Queen of Orchids.

Imagine seeing the world's largest orchid, one in full bloom.
Its considered rare as it blooms 2 - 5 years but the flowers lasts for 2 months.
Native in this region growing in lowland tropical rainforest.

I had few times seen this plant and wondered why
anyone with the right mind would want to keep this huge bamboo like sugar cane plant.
It does look unattractive but when it blooms...Its all worth it.
The flower spike is as high as 9 feet the palm trees
(see the 2nd. picture & its background)

Some detailed feature about this orchid:
The flower is leathery,
it had spots and didn't have the lip like those common orchids.
The fragrance was so wonderful, not overwhelming but just captivating.

I feels so good just to hold and touch this flower at the palm of my hand.

Notice the leaves and stalk, it resembles just like a sugarcane plant.
If you are around in KL region and about to visit Lake Gardens.
Do take the time to visit this very rare treat.
Its considered rare in some parts of the world to see this orchid bloom.

In some instances,
it takes about 5 to 10 years for it to bloom and in some cases,
some avid orchid gardeners are still waiting patiently to witness their first glorious blooming.


lynn'sgarden said...

Those three names are so apt for this 'giant orchid', James. The blooms are absolutely gorgeous! I only love orchids in bloom as the plants are not too attractive to me otherwise. Nice that you remembered this garden after ten years ;)

Stephanie said...

Hey this tiger orchid was not flowering when I was there the last time. Very unique and magnificent flower. The plant looks very strong too. Oh, I hope your fertiliser will give you healthy foliage and lots of pretty blooms in your garden soon. Have a pleasant evening!

Noelle Johnson said...

Hello James,

Since I cannot grow orchids outside, I love that I can always enjoy yours. I hope the new orchid fertilizer works for you.

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Great photos of an unusual orchid. No wonder you will return. Good luck with your fertilizer.

James David said...

Thank you all for all the lovely comments.

Jacqueline said...

Janes, this sure is marvelous treat for me! I've never seen one in bloom before though I saw a gigantic clump of this Giant Orchid at Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden, UM in August. Hope to link your lovely post to my article here: shortly.
Thanks so much for sharing! Hope your orchids bloom profusely with your newly purchased fertilizer.

James David said...

Jacq - you are welcome to link my post in your blog. Glad you have enjoyed this post.

Terri Andrews - Grow Orchids For Peace of Mind said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. When I grow orchids, I feel close to god as well. I search for photos like this all day long. The tiger orchid is one of the most beautiful orchids around.

I will be sending these wonderful photos and success stories to other orchid enthusiasts who are close to me.

Terri A. - California

rmorandantejr said...

Oncidium orchids are among the most popular orchids in the world because there is a wide variety of orchids to choose from and these plants are universally easy to tend to at home. More reading at Top Orchid Care Secrets

John Chance said...

Hi James,

Its really beautiful. Thank you for this, I have a chance to see them bloom. The tiger orchid is one of the most beautiful orchids around.

Walt said...

How exciting it is to see that Giant Orchid in bloom. I love the many spots against the yellow background of the petals. Is the climate perfect there for growing orchids or do you have to take special care to grow them? Walt's wife, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Missier,

I work at the Chicago Botanic Garden and we are creating an educational exhibit on Orchids. One of the interpretive panels talks about the largest orchid in the world Grammatophyllum speciosum. You have the BEST picture of the whole plant that I have found. Would it be possible to get a photograph of the whole plant (like I see in your blog) with a large file size? We will credit you however you would require.

Thank you, from the other side of the world...

Nancy Snyder
Chicago Botanic Garden

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