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Here is where I share all my tropical garden design, concepts, themes & experiences, secrets and tips in gardening, plant care, my plant discoveries, experiments of my trials & errors.

I'm blessed with the Hot & Wet Tropical Climate and my endeavour with Tropical Garden & Rare, Exotic Plants.

I am a Plant Enthusiast and Gardening is a major part of my life where I love to share my thoughts, experiences & life work.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum Thomsoniae)

I'm totally overjoyed to see this little bloom turn into a magnificent bouquet. I guess it got a lot to do with the sunshine it receive. I can tell you that this one does very well in the shady area.
So do not dead-head your bleeding heart as more blooms may appear from the source.

Its quite easy actually to propagate this plant.
Just get a cutting and press it in the soil.
Do keep this plant in the shade until it gives out shoots and later place it in semi-shade for them to bloom. Total shade will make the plant grow but without blooms.

Another thing is its a slow growing plant, you will not see any result for weeks when you propagate it, so be patient and do not uproot those dry looking twigs (in the process of propagation) You will see new shots appear (peeling out) from the twigs. These are vines and very much a vigorous climber. So you want to have a proper space for that or you might prefer to keep the plant small but constant pruning.

I'm planning to set all the vine plants that gives out pompous blooms. Right now, I'm thinking of Rangoon creepers, (Quisqualis indica), Shower of Gold Climber (Tristellateia australasiae)
and Passiflorals. All in one bunch of colours.

Anyone got this plant and want to share any stories about this one?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata)

When I first came across this flower a decade ago, I had instantly fall in love with the fragrance. The scent had somehow etched within my soul and I remember looking for that nostalgic aroma.

It was more vivid compared to all jasmines I ever planted or come across. Frangipani don't appeal so much compared to this one (at least to me)

One of the wonderful things about this plant is that it always have flowers and never run out of them. I got them in a nursery for RM20 (something that I cannot even get a bargain for it)
I was told by the vendor that this one is a hybrid type as it always flowers compared to the ordinary one that only flowers during a season. This plant is about few months old in my garden when I first purchased it.

Somehow this one, compliment very well with my water jasmine in my garden, both of the fragrance combined gives a sweet, light note that you would wonder which flower gives their fragrance. Too much of this one somehow gives a lightness and forces you to relax (opposed to what you want to do in a garden - working at it vigorously)

To me personally, I feel really at home with this plant. Sort of my magical plant.
And yes, there are a lot of taboo with this one.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Water Jasmine - Wrightia religiosa

It feels like ages when I actually started this plant from seed to this point when I can finally enjoy the flower. I never imagine the moment to see these blooms, masses of pendant, tiny white flowers cascade at the end of each branches.

There are many varieties of this water jasmine, this is the most common & the easiest one to maintain compared to rest - the small & medium leaf ones also the double-layed petaled ones.

Often these are used to make bonsai or you can actually find few of these type sold in the nursery in a bonsai pot. My guess is those must be of the small leaf type and they are slow to grow and rarely produce seedpods.

One of the things I enjoy the most is stripping of the leaves of this plant (now its more like a semi-tree) To see the exposed branches and leaving the cascading branches gives that mystical look in the garden. Finally it had blessed me with flowers (which I had almost given up hope - thinking this must be a sterile type - never producing flowers)

Probably it must be the change of location - where it get a good amount of sunlight compared to the eariler location. I had placed dumbcanes at the background giving this one a very good focus point of depth and colour. (if not, it would be the boring

I might strip off the leaves again, probably after they have finished their flowering.
Do let me know if you have any tips to share concerning this plant.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Amaryllis Bloom

I was thinking about the name "Amaryllis" and
it was playing in my mind for sometime.

"I'll marry Liz" or
"A Mary List" or
perhaps... " A Merry Least"
maybe the last one - when they never seemed to bloom in the tropicals.

I remembered about an experience about putting all these bulbs in the fridge in the vegetable compartment. My sister thought it was a vegetable when she came by and waited to help in preparing lunch.

So this is a WARNING:
(That is if someone would have thought - Hey! That's a pretty exotic looking onion!!!)

My wife sort of grumbled for 3 months for taking half of the vegetable compartment space.
So, its another thing you may have to "negotiate" if you are a guy.
(Probably show her these pictures and the last one on how to prepare it - It might soften her heart in agreeing in "leasing" the fridge space for you.. perhaps?)

I guess a woman gardener who prepares meals and "owns & manages" the fridge do not face this problem. All she have to do is mark on the package:

Anyway, these are the beautiful pictures I took last weekend - hope you enjoy them.
I'm totally mesmerised by the blooms and two more waiting.
Though, I'm a little excited as I guess the other two spikes are the same type like the first one.

Another thing, do not bloom them during the raining season - the flowers tend to get overweight and with the constant showering the whole flower and spike gets too heavy and well...
"Fall on the ground". I had to put a stick and tied it for a support.
So keep it in mind, the best time would be the hot season.
It would also keep the bulbs from rotting (wouldn't want to take that chances)

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