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Welcome - Malaysian Tropical RainForest Garden Blog.

Here is where I share all my tropical garden design, concepts, themes & experiences, secrets and tips in gardening, plant care, my plant discoveries, experiments of my trials & errors.

I'm blessed with the Hot & Wet Tropical Climate and my endeavour with Tropical Garden & Rare, Exotic Plants.

I am a Plant Enthusiast and Gardening is a major part of my life where I love to share my thoughts, experiences & life work.

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My Vertical Garden Wall
My Vertical Garden Wall

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Staghorn Fern

A friend had passed to me this fern - after reviving it - it started to regenerate well. I had an earlier piece but it didn't well and started to loose its leaves and died.

I gave on it and still wondered if I can manage it
in my gloomy, dark, shaded garden.

It started to grow healthily without any blesmish or burning of the leaves.
And new growth started to show - eventhough its slow but as long as its doing well - I'm happy.

My concern was like there earlier one
Died without any warnings - hopefully this one grows well.

Praying Mantis

I just love to idea of predators in my garden, especially this one -Praying Mantis.
I had enough of cockroaches, mites, ants, scale insects and mealy bugs..
And I don't like the idea of using pesticide - the organic ones somehow washes off after few days in the rain - making no effect on these pest.

I have yet to see a full grown one
I wonder how they had laid eggs and left these babies here.
At first, I thought is was an ant, until in little closer - I found these speedy fellas zooming fast while I snapping the jasmine flowers.

Hopefully, they last long in my garden.
Well - do share with me if you have any experience with mantis.

Rose Jasmine

I must have missed this one - guess took it for granted.
One thing for sure - this jasmine had been evading me from my attention
It needs a good load of sun and something I greatly lack of it in my garden.

Somehow, it finally started blooming this few days,
and blessed me with 3 flowers.
Currently my garden is heavenly scented by these blooms.
Hope the last till Christmas.

Commonly known as Grand Duke of Tuscany,
It is indeed a grand stuff if it blooms often.

A good pruning and a good fertiliser will go a long way for this one to bloom.
Once its start blooming - its just a wonder in the garden

Miniature Roses

It's been awhile working with orchids  roses.
This one is starting to be my favourite - miniature roses,
small as my thumb, or perhaps its a tea rose..

Well, one thing for sure
It took awhile for it to regenerate to lowland climate.
I managed to replant with few cuttings - only one survived but now gives out these lovely bunches.

Basic needs:
A good exposure to sun, a very well balanced medium mix and daily watering.
I hardy prune or fertilise them - I think I should but for the moment - they are flowering just fine.

If you have your hands on these hybrid
Do share your experience about them.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Though thou art still blue
From still yesteryear's ornaments
Of stringed ribbons of faded silver
A knot, sprinkles of tinsel & baubles..
But where art thou an angel..

I wait for the Hark!
Let the Herald - an Angel Sing...
Gloria.. Gloria...
Glory to God in the Highest!

I would love to this time to wish 
all those who are celebrating Christmas.. 
A Warm and Wonderful, Heatfelt Christmas!
May it Be Jolly good Merry...
and not just a season greetings..

And for the touch of gardener here..
I did this simple Christmas Wreath..
This is my second year - doing this..

With the crisp scent of pines, junipers, cedar & evergreens..
And some conifers and dry flowers...
If you can guess it.. 

Have a blessed moments with friends and family..

Monday, October 31, 2016

A messy gardener

It must have been difficult to imagine being a postman - posting letters in my postbox.

Especially when you see the plants had invaded totally covering the insertion.

And I understand the frustration and sometimes I find my mail on left on my car wipers.

Cruel me..
I finally found the time to prune and reset this as it would appear a little decent for the postbox to appear.

A month ago...
You can't even spot the red color here.

Tell me..
Do you face such dilemma on your postal delivery?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sadness in My Garden

I had stopped gardening almost a year now.
I wished I had good reasons to say that I stopped gardening - regardless of the reasons - the main culprit is my mood swing of which had gave a dead-blow on my garden plants.

 Most of the exotic ones needed constant care and feeding, of which I had failed miserably - and others succumb badly as I didn't reset them (pruning and planting)

And so the ones that made it are the hardy ones - barely made it...
Dumcanes and some ariods - these survived my rainforest.
Together with my garden - the passion for blogging died with me.

I suddenly realised that I had now have the feeling that I'm more a OCD
Collecting junk rather than throwing them away.

 I now have more empty pots, pieces of stuff here and there..
Clearly not in the mood to reset or clear any of them.
My front porch is in disaster - everything overgrown with weeds and infested with grasshoppers.
And the moment I touch something - it decides to rain,

I lost all my maiden hair fern as cats started to poo on my plants
Some got knocked over and they didn't recover from shock - now dead.
I still in the feeling of lethargy and "fed-up" but I know I need to start to get my butt moving back in gardening.

Most of my flowering plants are dead.
So are the orchids and begonias.
Except for these few pockets of survivors
They managed to rough out the storm.
I lost a couple of Earthstar species - these are the standing living ones.

Hopefully - there is an antidote to snap of my laziness and get myself back into the mood of gardening.
Perhaps it must be the lack of inspiration or something terribly I must be lacking...
Hopefully I get it soon..
I'm just feeling so blue and down with my garden.

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