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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orchids in My Garden

It had been a very long time this orchid had bloomed.
I guess it must be the constant daily rain that had caused this.

What I came to know is that orchids blooms when there is a temperature drop in the climate. That often happens after few days of hot weather followed by few rainy days.
(Of course, this happens a lot during the year end and I guess that's why this one bloomed)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jewel of Opar blooms

These are some of the additionals
I manage to take during the evening when the flower blooms.
You can also note at the last picture - all the seedpods on the hanging pot.
(They do look like a weed at the first glance)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jewel of Opar - Talinum paniculatum

I seriously recommend this one to those who swear that their plants die in their garden. I will certainly congratulate you if you manage to "kill" this one.

I bet there are thousands out there who would love to get your "secret recipe" of the murder. You see - this one is understood as an obnoxious weed & terribly invasive. It has a huge carrot-like roots which are impossible to pull out by hand. Don't give any to your friends or they might not speak to you any more!

Ok. Ok..
I may have over-exaggerated. It doesn't happen like that in my region but I believe its a serious matter around the Southern United States where its considered as an invasive plant. That is once you get them in your garden, you will never succeed in getting rid of them. Such is the reputation of this lovely plant. Its drought resistant, heat tolerant and self-sow freely plant. (So, you don't have to worry about underwatering)

I have taken this picture in the morning. You will note that these tiny blooms only open during the evening - which is quite lovely actually (come to think about it) I really wonder where is this jewel actually represent (probably these globes) Do click on the label below for other detailed pictures of the plant.

One thing strange about this plant is: it didn't die on me but none of the seeds had actually sprouted or had any invasive characteristics in my garden. They all stayed put in all the places I had planted them. (Madagascar Periwinkle & Wishbone flowers seemed to be more invasive than these) They also do well both in sunny & shaded area which is a plus point in my garden.

I knew this plant way back before where its considered as a spinach but had not come across anyone who go all out in cooking it. Also identified as "Ginseng Jawa" by the locals but it is of a different cultivar (Talinum paniculatum Gaertn)

Somehow they do surprise me for even for these tiny flowers, they certainly capture my attention during the evenings. Those bright starry pink flowers are so cheerful looking that you do forget you day's care & chores and enjoy the moment.

Probably, that's why they call this a Jewel. It certainly gives me that effect in my garden.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Overall Garden

Often a lot of people asked about my garden,
and this will lead to a basic fundamental question:
How can I start tending a decent garden?

Well, as usual my basic answer will always be:
What do you want?

And from there you can start building your dream garden. Very often I notice garden beginners tend to mimic other gardener's taste and eventually spite the factor that one thing that they don't love having in their garden. A telltale examples of passed & hand-over plants from mothers, good hearted neighbours & friends and eventually the beginner will have a "zoo" of garden plants and having no clue what goes where and the whole garden either turn into a jungle or withered forest of dead twigs and few survivors.
Eventually - its a pathetic scene of what was wanted and what is not.

So, before beginning anything, its always good to read, to survey, check around your neighbourhood & surrounding of what can thrive, live or survive in your garden atmosphere.
Then another factor is how much time can you give for your gardening.
One hour a day? Few minutes a day? Few minutes a week?

or just enough time to water & enjoy the garden as it is:
(this is the case of my garden)
But you see, I spend hours during weekends going through each pot, re-setting, uprooting and replanting when it is necessary - eventually those I don't need doing that becomes my permanent seated pots. So, all that is needed is pruning and re-arranging.
This happens about 3 - 4 months once.

But actually..
What is your Garden?
Or perhaps another way of asking a question:
What is Garden to you?
Or ultimately:
What kind of Garden pleases you?

That is the Garden that you must seek to cultivate.
Given the reasonable time for tending,
plants that thrive in your region and suit your ideal factor of pleasure.

Because - until you find out what exactly you want, you might end up planting a beautiful flower garden and then realise that all you desire is a vegetable garden. And chances are you might unconsciously "kill" those flower plants to replace them into a vegetable garden.
And then, lo & behold - you found out that not all vegetable can't really grow well due to certain unavoidable factor and so you take up the consolation prize of having the most ugliest vegetable plants crawling all over your garden.

Then, after few months - some of the un-sprouted seeds of zinnia, marigold or sunflower springs up and give you the "regretted earlier garden" and you suddenly realised:
"Wow... that Floral Garden do look good after all...but..."

Somehow in that collection, you suddenly have a little of that & a little of this and everything under the sun. And you realise that you had invested quite a considerable amount of time, finance and resources maintaining what you don't want.
Then when the question arises - Do you really want it?
You wonder - How did this plant get into your garden?

Well, All I can say is:
Join the club. It happened to me.

So, after few years of trial & error - I realised what I really wanted.
Its not all perfect to say that I got everything I wanted, but to a certain degree it gave me enough pleasure to enjoy what grows in front of my house.

That is to say:
Enough colours to brighten my day,
Enough fragrance that lifts my spirit,
Enough nectar to give food for butterflies, bees & sunbirds,
Enough useful plants that serves me as herbs, spice and medicine.
Enough time - just to water them late nights.
Enough to say that they are exotic looking that make some of my neighbours jealous.

What more do I want from my lovely garden?
What do you expect from your lovely garden?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Beautiful Ones

Its been ages I had updated my blog. Seemed like forever when a lot of time had been devoted with family and mostly due to the overload of other priorities. Its just very tiring and the thought of watering the plants - so that they just survive for the day seemed to be the only motivating factor that kept me going.
And guess what - I'm one of the gardener that waters the garden past midnight.

Regardless, the beauty of these flowers in my garden continue to marvel me, even though my lack of zeal to care for them - they do somehow reward me with their beauty. (Well, not everything is blooming - but enough for the bees, butterflies and sunbirds to enjoy)

Sorry for the delay in commenting & replying in your blogs. Been so busy lately that I really do not have the time. I may be taking some time off from blogging until I sorted out some matters.
Till then - hope to catch up with you by next year.

This one is Angelonia,
one of the pretty ones - they need good watering or else they wither away.

Spicy Japthopa - I had relocated it to a shaded area. Earlier they got infected with mealy bug and cause the buds not to bloom and slowly killing the plant.

Spiral Ginger


Yellow Ixora

Black Flamingo
Drawf Ruellia
False Heather
Finally my best favourite one:
Flame Violets - these always attracts sunbirds in my garden, the birds faithfully come every morning to enjoy the nectar.

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