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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Messy Garden - The 4th Series

The current hot & rainless weather had made it worse for most of my plants. They tend to get too leggy and spring out here & there. This is truly a challenging factor for me to arrange them in this small tight spot. I really don't want to loose of them but again the issue is not the species rather its the space.

Most of the leaves got burned due the heat and all of them are in dire need of pruning. I had manage to do some cleaning, pruning & re-arranging but I'm still not satisfied with the outcome. Perhaps I might re-do the whole thing again.

Now just thinking about that idea that might just perhaps work this time around.

The Messy Garden - The 3rd Series

This is the story of my plants trying its best to invade my neighbour's space. Its quite a scary moment for me to note what would my neighbour do especially when coming to this unruly but beautiful scarlet purple foliages. These are just too stubborn to stay put.

Oxalis, Purple Queen, Begonia - Martin Mystery, Red Flame Ivy - just gives that perfect colours which I love together in giving that red theme at the side hanging pots by the gate.

It would have been a shocker to realise how bad is my plants in disobeying me as they continue to invade my neighbours space. Eventually I had removed all of them (time to time) telling myself that it won't happen again. These green tradescantia just love to do forbidden things.

Cane Begonias as such a darling - they just love to give that red glow and their tiny little pink flowers. I guess these are spine-less fella's as they need to tied to something or they tend to snap while they grow taller.

Angelonias are such a beauty but they are here only for a season. I had lost the pink ones (the last one at the bottom) The ones available with me are the blues & white. Eventually the blue are slowly disappearing. I'm still thinking of getting rid of them once their season is over and just maintain with the hardy ones.

Still thinking..
So the Gardening Episodes on this series continues.

The Messy Garden - The 2nd Series

It got messy again. This time I removed most of the other species from this collection. I had relocated the rose & the ever invasive Firecraker plant, ditched the Wormwood and sadly some of the Angelonia had matured and died.

Snowflake seemed to do better in this collection and I have decided to keep it here. The Coleus too look amazing with the colour combo.

I had relocated again this orchid from here due to the heat - the leaves were getting burned. Now I realise that its is the the best location for it looking at the leaf structure and the cascading effect.

Now I have to reset it here again - when I find the time to do it again.
I had relocated all the succulents to the other side of the gate (donkey tail were getting damaged due to their character where they must not be disturbed - here they tend to break off easily)

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