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I'm blessed with the Hot & Wet Tropical Climate and my endeavour with Tropical Garden & Rare, Exotic Plants.

I am a Plant Enthusiast and Gardening is a major part of my life where I love to share my thoughts, experiences & life work.

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My Vertical Garden Wall
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Donkey's Tail & Hanging Succulents

This is my favorite part of my garden.
Its not a big space (but a big deal indeed)
I'm happy the way these turned to be, as they are so fragile to touch - leave alone too much water can cause a major damage to them.

Then I got more ambitious in creating a succulent hanging garden.
Where everything such as these hang beautifully cascading below.
My only concern is that if they get damage in the long run.
So far so good.

The mother of million seemed to be invading other pots and what I feared most came to pass - they are invasive indeed. Regardless - I love their cascading effect too. I took few cuttings and placed them on my Balcony Cactus Garden but they didn't fare well and some didn't even make it.

I'm hoping that the new ones will some visible progress in their cascading effect.
After all - they are indeed beautiful.
Don't you think so?

Crown of Thorns & Desert Rose

This is tricky - the most sharpest and difficult plant ever but I still love it.
Why - because they have the ability to flower in the most hostile position.
It would be difficult too to make them come into my favorable condition to flower as they need good hot and dry weather - a good dose of hot sun which I truly lack for them to flower.
Regardless all that - they still show up with their blooms.
That's why I love them (apart from the thorns)
Yeah.. These ones are considered poisonous too.

The other is Desert Rose,
given from my neighbour who had shifted from the vicinity.
It took awhile for it to give out shoots - I thought this one is a goner as the top cut part succumb to rot.
I trimmed again but to no avail - the rot gone deeper.
The only consolation I have to note that new shoots are coming up and the rot will slowly heal itself.
(Yeah.. that is indeed a fat hope - I'm nursing secretly)
Looks like I need to do something about that wound.

Cactus & Succulent Pieces

One thing I can say:
Once you get addicted to this hobby - it totally consume you in going for a hunt to collect as many types you can get your hands on. The good part is once they are established in the garden - they stay for a very long time. The bad part - if they are dead - they are dead.

These are my current collection for now.
I realised that these changes progressively.
Just as I'm currently posting now - they are now totally different at this current time.

Anyway - I just want to post it for your viewing pleasure and also for my personal progress record. Hope you enjoy what you see here.

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