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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Friday, April 20, 2012

The Make Over - April 2012

Its been quite awhile I had been working on my new make-over for my garden. I had taken lots of picture and most of them had been deleted in making the best selection for viewing. The arrangement for the progress (for the viewing) was quite a challenge as I had hard time sorting them in chronological order.

Well, somehow I manage to put a nice composition in this collection for your view pleasure.

I'm surprise myself to note that most of the plants here are basically rescued from the roadside and dump-site & that all of them are really doing well. I'm refraining myself from explaining too much of all the other details here,
So here goes - Enjoy...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leopard Orchid ( Grammatophyllum Scriptum)

I had purchased this Leopard Orchid ( Grammatophyllum Scriptum) from the Orchid Exhibition.
After bargaining - I got it for RM20.00 a fair price for a nice sized plant
(Purchased plant at the last picture)

These are small ones - sold for RM15.00 (top)
And the big ones for RM25.00 (below)

There is a lot been said about this orchid in the internet concerning this orchid.
Basically this one is a native in my place and so they are more likely accustomed to the climate in my region.

Few things concerning this care of the orchid.

1) Root system - there are two type of roots here.
The normal ordinary ones and the surface roots.
The normal ones grows down deep into the pot and function just like any other orchid roots.
The surface roots - looks like the hairy fine roots that grows upwards like spikes should not be forced into the pot.
In the natural element - these roots capture debris like barks and semi-decomposed leaves and it feeds the plant.

2) The Old Pseudobulbs
The unique thing about these psedudobulbs is that this orchid discard its center bulbs and they way they do it is by rapidly rotting in the centre of the healthy plant.
Leaving it alone - the rot will eventually turn into dry shell. In any case - you don't have to worry about it thinking that it got a fungus or viral attack.

a) Old Pseudobulb turning yellow (top)
b) Old Pseudobulb turning brown & rotting (below)

3) Backbulb propagation
I'm not very sure whether it works with just one bulb.
As you can notice - a minimum setting it requires in a singular set plant is at least 4 bulbs both active and passive ones.
So - removing any of it for propagation factor may be a high risk.

This is the sample of the orchid flower of the plant that I had purchased.
It is wise to take the pictures of the flowers displayed when you purchase a small plant.
By the time this plant grows big & bear flowers - it might take few months to years and one may not actually remember how the flower actually look like from memory.

I for one - would not able to determine the difference between species of this flower (if any) by memory. And so photography helps a lot.

This is my plant - repotted with charcoal in a hanging pot.

Do share any of your experiences or insight concerning this orchid.

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