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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Different Types of Tassel Ferns

This particular type has a cascading effect where the plant rather grow downward instead of upward. It has a fern like feather where the often mistaken for a fern,
rather it is a fern ally closer to a moss genes.

Currently there is a huge classification ID brawl taking place on which one goes where. And so, these Huperzia & Lycopodium had it's names interchanged and reclassified the updated version is ignored by majority.

Below are the list of the different types of Tassel ferns that I had managed to take a closer look. Please do click on the names (link) for detailed information about it.

Also I had wrote detailed information on how to Care & Cultivate Tassel Ferns
Do check on this link for the information.

Do share your experience and thoughts concerning this particular type of plant and would greatly appreciate your tips and suggestion on your care and cultivation for this tassel ferns.

This is based on my years of experience of care and cultivating these Tassel Ferns - the Huperzia species.

The ones that I currently care for: 
Huperzia phlegmaria
Huperzia nummularifolia
Huperzia squarrosa 
Huperzia carinata

And the one from the nursery: Huperzia goebellii

Here - I share the details: 

I use Coconut chuck - chips which I had cut and placed them around the root ball.

Once a Day - Just keeping them lightly moist but not over-watered as it can cause crown rot.
The Medium must be fast draining by the next day.

To be placed in an indirect shaded area. 
Too direct Sun can burn the foliage - Too shaded can cause plant stagnation and rot.

I use Osmocote as I find it is the best solution - other fertilizers tend to burn the plant.

Airy and good airy movement is good for the plant.

Huperzia is a sensitive plant and therefore good care is required. 
 Once it is established it is fairly easy to maintain in a long duration of time.


Stephanie said...

Such a good collection of tassel ferns. I like the first one. Hmm... don't think I have come across this before.

James David said...

Thanks Stephanie. I believe these are native plants.

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