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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Iron Cross Begonia

Of all the begonias I had tried.
This one is quite elusive.
I'm not sure how many times I had tried it.
It grew well but suddenly it died - perhaps I was overconfident that I can handle this one.
I realised that this one unlike others I have is quite sensitive.

Anyway, I placed it such a way that the leaves would get wet when its watered.
Hopefully it thrive like other of my begonias.

Drawf Canna Lily

This is another purchase I got from Sg. buloh.
I was looking for this dwarf version of Canna lily which I wanted to place in my pond as they can handle aquatic environment.

Then again, noting that my fish are hungry all the time and they might just try to take a bite from this plant and chances are this pot is laced with chemicals that might be harmful for my fish. 

Anyway, I think they will do well here for now.
I might replace the green leaved Colocasias species with this flowering plant..
Its going to take a bit of sacrifice - either to introduce them to a new place outside somewhere or giving it away to someone.
Its just a matter of time.

Till then, I'm just going to enjoy my Canna lily plants.

Blue Concord Steptocarpella

It is the same as the gesneriads family
Same as African Violet, Flame violet and a few others..
All of which were very sensitive and short-spanned plants in my garden.

I had managed to keep Flame violets (I had lost few species due to neglect)
Some types refused to survive - the ones I have are hardy ones.

I like these little blue flowers.. like bluebells.
The last a day and give a graceful fall from where they are hanged.
I'm keeping them few more days until I find the time to buy some pots and replant them in hangers.
Its overcrowded and most likely - I can separately them roughly into 4 pots.

Until then, I'm just enjoying them in this hanger first.
I can't specifically say how to care for them yet - its my first experience with this plant.
But generally gesneriads have similar care matters.

- not to overwater
- medium to be moist not soggy
- avoid watering on foliage
- not a sunlover / shaded plant

These are the new purchases I got from the Sg.Buloh nursery.
Price: RM10.00

The fallen blooms on a jar.
I had placed a new aquatic plant and few platties I purchased recently here.
Hoping that they will birth pups.
I find these to be very shy compared to guppies and goldfish I have in the pond.

Welcome 2018

2017 was the most challenging year for me.
It was as hard as a garden turning into jungle,
I would say - it almost seemed to reflect my life,
the hardest moments when I almost felt like giving up everything..
But life like this in gardening are these..
Small little things that makes a difference.

And I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do with this patch of green.
I do need to trim off the yellow leaves time to time.

To cut & throw away? It's just too sad to get rid of it.
I want to give it away but who would want it?

If you would able to notice a patch of unarranged orchids hanging at the top side.
It was not re-arranged.
I managed to reset it finally in these few days.
Together with the lovely Water Melon Begonia that beautiful trailed itself all over but it had invaded the Earthstar Bromeliads and I had replant it all over again.
Still.. its much easier to handle this than all the mess it was much earlier.

I found that Maiden Hair Ferns don't do well anywhere else except here.
And so - I had found a spot for it.
Sitting very well at the drainside.

After removing all the heavy hangers of orchids, hoya, dischidias, ferns and stuff..
I have ample open space in that area and re-introduce Spanish Moss here.

What amazed me was that I only had a small clump of the Spanish Moss and now its in few hanging pieces. I do time to time dunk the whole thing in fish pond and hang it back.
So far so good - there is progress in their growth.

Below are a small patch of begonias, fittonias and shaded coloured leaf plants.
They are slowly adjusting to the open sunlight now.

Earlier the Staghorn Fern was dying - now it is regenerating back due to more open sunlight which makes a difference in their growth.
I had aquatic plants inside it earlier but due to the goldfish constantly eating habits it had totally finished up all of them and I had totally lost that aquatic species that I had kept for years.

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