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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Front Lines of the Garden (Firecracker Plant / Caladium / Chalice Vine)

I'm pretty sure that there is something special in your garden.
And without a doubt - there is one special plant which will identify as the masterpiece,
A showcase of the whole garden.
That will be the "Tree of Life" in your Garden of Eden.
Likewise, these are the ones like that..
The only issue is that
I have too many of these showpieces that they all compete for attention.
In a manner of speaking - hot red shouting for attention..

What more in the making of putting a garden in a perspective.
There are no rules when it comes to gardening in my garden.

I would say, gardening is all about feeling.
What do you feel inside of you when you are in your garden.
What intrigue you? Excites you?
These attracts Sunbirds,
there is never a dull moment when I hear the flutters and the squeaky calls,
the flutters and the garden wildlife riots when life exploding with joy in my garden.

Yes, its all about feeling.
I'm feeling alive when blooms explodes daily in my garden.
Vines, plants and creepers fight a war of dominance to get the best light.
It is indeed the Front Lines of the Battle.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Green Connection - Part 2

I doubt that many gardener's will just settled for just green.
I'm pretty sure there is no such thing: Green.
From a gardener's point of view that is:
He (or more likely she) will see colours like:
Apple, Lime, Asparagus, Ferns, Honey Dew, Mint, Olive, Pear, Jade...
And a host of others which clearly blurs the definition in perfect context.

Mine However...
You can invent to call whatever means necessary to identify them...
There is such joy however to identify them by their species names..
And variegated plants are just like a pinch of salt..
Adding taste to the existing colours and shades of green.

Don't you agree?

The Green Connection - Part 1

Sometimes Green is just not enough.
I'm pretty sure those who goes hunting looking for variegated plants
will testify that colours truly makes all the difference in landscaping.
The challenge however it keeping them all together.
It is something like keeping all the fish in an aquarium
making sure one doesn't eat the other.
Likewise - some plants just can't handle another strong plant overshadowing them.

The secret is constantly checking and adjusting and changing them
according to their need.
Once established - they are quite stable.

In this collection:

1) Red Flame Ivy
2) Joyweed
3) Devil's Ivy.
4) Chinese Croton
and some of which I had yet to discover their species names.

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