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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Different Types of Anthurium


I had wanted to list all the Anthurium  and their ID with images here.
Somehow it will be overwhelming to put the whole genes here which will proof futile as there are more that few thousands and more counting as never ones released in the market.


Here I want to make a database on what is basically available to a common gardeners with reasonable affordable selling price and easily available in local nurseries around my region.
This is very much applicable around Klang Valley area
but I believe these are span throughout Asean regions.

But then,

There are many of these hybrids are easily crossbred and so there are countless species, cultivars, hybrids. This creates a tedious problem of putting one name on a single plant.

Reason being, these begonias are not stable and hence they will revert back to the most dominant parent or will struggle to balance the odds.

Another factor for these young plants / saplings - being still in the process of adjusting and so the will continue to revert to and fro from one parent to another and the confusion begins with trying to identifying them based on their stage their in.

However, It is safe to say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
As long as you get closer around the group that they might fall into - it's better than inventing a false name and publish it as some plant vendor's do as their sole purpose is for commercial value rather than plant study or research material.

Sometimes commercial grows cultivate these cross breeds without releasing the names and often these are sold without any ID whatsoever. The best thing to do is weight the odds as each growers just put on a label / ID according to their whim & fancies even though they are already with another identified name.

So do bear with me / sometimes - these names are only identified and available when the growers / merchants identify them and hence I identify their ID from these sources.
Well, it's something than nothing - Wouldn't you agree?

I had earlier wrote separate post on each individual Anthurium on their identification and experience with them.

Please do click on the names listed below
and you will be forwarded to a link to that specific Anthurium topics mentioned.


Do click on their names to get to the link to get into more detailed information
on their Care and Cultivation on each plant types and their characteristics.

This is my basic Collection of my Anthurium Plants which I had collected over the years. Here I have the flowering variety and the foliage variety:

Flowering Variety:
1) Miniature Version
2) Large Version
3) Medium Version - Dark Foilage Type

Foliage Variety:
4) Anthurium Crystallium.
Here I talk about How I Care & Cultivate Them:
Basically they need bright shaded area with good humidity. 
They can be much easier plant to care for comparison to begonias and Jewel Alocasia.

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