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My Vertical Garden Wall


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Anthurium luxurians

Anthurium luxurians has this puckering or quilted appearance on the surface of it's leaves - something like wrinkles similar to the Monstera sp "Peru' but this particular type - the foliage is much larger in heart-shaped formation.

It also have the Betel-Leaf like appearance but much of a bigger appearance. I was in deep thoughts whether should I cultivate these in my garden or forego them as they are so unique and at the same time having a common appearance of a different plant.

I for one, already have Monstera sp "Peru' and some varieties of Piper species of (Betel Leaf) Plant that gives that contrast and color for my monochromatic green garden foliage tones.

Also as we all well know - a specimen as such as this size with it's established inflorescent may cost a bomb, leaving aside the idea of placing them in my tiny garden where all my plants are currently in tight-knitted spaced out for growth space.

With many conflicting thoughts - I have to let this one go from my want-list, unless I have gotten myself to a bigger garden space later in the future of which I believe plants as such of these will be more affordable and common.

Just like most Aroids of this Nature - I believe anthurium will have similar Care & Needs like most indoor plants where it requires bright shaded area, calculated watering regime as not to over-water to cause root rot, using a fast draining medium with a good fertilizer for it to grow well.

Truly it is a good growing plant and may grow well given the space and size of the planted medium.

One thing though, I noticed the flowers are not so significant - they appear very much on the base background, in comparison to the showy floral displays of Anthuriums - these are very much focused on the foliage features of the corrugated foliage structure.

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