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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, June 29, 2020

Aquatic Plants in the Garden

Reminiscing my old pictures of my water pond where I keep my goldfish and above all - fastening them with all kinds of aquatic friendly plants which I can get my hands on.

This was the time where I had not started with the idea of growing begonias using the mop wick system. And so - these were very much aquatic set-up  where I just loved having life-bearer fish: platties and guppies in that water pot.

The plants I had introduced here are Water Lettuce, Blue Fern, Water Hyacinth, Salvinia minima and Umbrella Pennywort. I had planted Teacup Colocasia here but it didn't do well and so I have to replant it in a different location.

Blue Fern is actually a Selaginella species which is native in my region. I just love the iridescent blue tones that forms in the foliage.

I had tried few types here and seen they had finished their season and slowly fade away when they don't get enough sun especially during the Year End Season when it rains a lot, the days are shorter and gloomier.

I must say, I had missed seeing all these plants but managed to save them in a different location where they are much stable and doing just fine.

I believe sometimes the plants do tend to stay for a season and find a way to move on. The reality of gardening where a gardener need to know and adjust according to the move and wave of plants and their behavioral patterns. 

Nothing is permanent, Nothing is Fixed - it is like fluid movement - just going with the flow..
It is the same with Plants and Gardening.

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