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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Roses in the Garden - Part 1

This particular cultivar was given to me by my neighbor - she was my secret admirer: Whenever she sees me watering or pruning my garden she will often smile and start a small chat about the hot weather whenever I water my garden.

Often, I would generously offer her to take any of my plant cuttings to start her collection but always she would gently refuse as saying lacking garden space and don't have the time to cultivate and care for the plants.

And so, one day - she passed me this huge pot with this well established rose flower. It did last for few years and almost died few times due to root rot or some pest attack. I tried taking cuttings and start a new rose plant as spare but never successful in creating a rose plant.

I must say that this one is considered hardy that it had none of the major problems that would be like the ones faced by the Highland types. The blooms appears to be big and the fragrance are strong.
The flowers are in deep red and the blooms appear to hold well even under strong sun and rain.

Also the flowers last for few days and at times almost for a week - unfurling itself as it ages.

At times, I had neglected watering this rose plant and they had gone droopy but will just jump right back once immediately watered. I would say - it is one of the hardy types.

Roses do have their needs and may take a lot care to properly cultivate them. If you are busy day and night and may not have the time to tend to them daily - I would suggest that Roses are really not your cup of tea to cultivate in your garden. They are indeed attention seeker and require a lot of care.

But if you are a Rose Lover - nothing can stop you from cultivating and growing them. And they truly reward a good gardener with beautiful flowers - Roses are indeed a True Beauty.

What is a Garden without a Rose Plant? 
One Singular Rose can make a lot of Difference in a Barren Garden.

Unfortunately this Rose plant died - as I checked it had faced a root rot, I'm suspecting due to the constant rain that took place on daily basis and this poor plant was over stressed. The trunk were quite aged - spanning for many years it had finally come to it's end.

I had bid farewell to this beauty, minus the mean thorns that I had always get pricked over - other than that set-back, they are truly a beauty that I would still miss. Again, due to the lack of space in my garden and their highly required care and maintenance regiment of fungicide and pesticide - I rather let this plant go as I prefer to have a pesticide free garden.

I had however started cultivated miniature rose and find that they are less fussy and more hardier than the common ones. I will share my experience on my next post:

Roses in the Garden - Part 2

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