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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Visiting Nursery - Giant Batu Caves - Part 1

I was having a high degree of Cabin Fever - mine was very much not able to go around and visit the nurseries and plants. During the 4 months span (March - June 2020) was truly a challenging times that can drive a gardener into insanity.

There are but some oasis to consider like this one - I found plants sold in this supermarket where it was refurbished and presentation was very pleasant. The plants are slightly expensive compared to market price but then I realized that all the plant prices had gone up.

What was used to be RM10 are now RM15 - in fact the ceiling price for the cheapest plant is exactly that - RM15. (Price checked today at Sg.Buloh - 9th June 2020)

Also I find these plants were quickly picked up as they arrive - I would consider these hot cakes.
Enough said about the introduction - Let's look at the Plants Displayed Here:

Silver Pothos - Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus'

I must say that I was quite impressed at the set up and the display together with all the quality plants that was put for sale during the MCO period - where most of the nurseries are in lock-done - these are somehow are not ordinary common plants that you can easily get in a common stall setting.

These ariods - Satin Pothos, Variegated Ivy, Philodendron and Pilea truly amazing. 
Also Bird Nest Fern, Pepperomia and African Violet - Geneseriads. Even the Fittonias do look fresh and perked up.

Epipremnum aureum - 'N Joy'

Pilea spruceana ‘Norfolk’ - Angel Wings

Pilea libanensis (True Name)

Variegated Ivy

Variegated Ivy

Philodendron - Neon

Philodendron - Neon

Bird Nest Fern




African Violet


I would say it is truly therapeutic even to see these plants and flowers display here. Do check out my Part 2 on the next set of plants on cactus, succulents that been displayed here too. 

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