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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pilea glauca – Silver Sparkles Plant

It is known as Silver Sparkles Plant or Grey Artillery Plant or Pilea glauca 'Aquamarine' and also Red Stem Tears.

It was said that it is P. libanensis but nursery owners use (Pilea glauca) as it's ID.

As strange as it is, Pilea glauca does exist but it is not this plant. 

The name was given out of error by a nursery owner for propagation and sale in some areas and the name got stuck with it.

Hence I think it's true name is P. libanensis.

Often I thought pilea are very much focused on the foliage but this one is very much on the vines - especially the red cascading vines.

Small minute blue green foliage appears in clusters on the red stem. It had a cascading trailing behavior but may easily suffer if not much space given for it have for growth space. 

It does well also as ground cover. 

Im intrigued by these lovely tiny insignificant furry flowers. Can you see them?

This one requires bright indirect light area - a right balance of not too hot nor too shaded.


Do care to keep the plant in a small pot in a condense way as they love to grow in a tight closed condition.

This require a fast draining medium - something like a good mixture of perlite, sand & cocopeat.

It should not be a strong drainage mix where it doesn't hold any moisture at all but it should not be holding water too where the roots and stem can rot too. The balance of both is ideal.

Also the roots do not grow too deep a flat pot is more ideal and practical than a deep pot.


I water daily and twice during the hot dry days. 

These can go without water for few days to a week and perhaps you have to take note on how the foliage appearance - if it appears withered or drying than watering is mandatory. 

The downside of watering will cost the leaves to turn yellow and start rotting - therefore - the right balance is necessary.

Do place it a position where it can cascade and trail downward. 

As there is a free space for it to tangle downward or else the whole vine may get messed with other plants and it can be messy.

Here is a mix of two types of pilea put together (silver sparkles) mixed with (baby tears) doing so well in their monochromatic green tones.

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