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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Thursday, April 23, 2020

10 Reason to Cultivate Cascading Plants.

I just love the way my garden progress itself in the cascading effect growth.
Somethings just can be predicted especially the lifespan of certain sensitive species plants like these tassel ferns - I had lost one particular species which had suddenly had root rot and the whole plant succumb to it's demise.

However, that's the life and times of a gardener's challenge. It is just that - nothing is permanent.
Life as it is - just go with the flow - some live and thrive and some just strive, succumb and fall away..
All part of gardening.

A lot of my gardening is very much trial and error.
And of a face value - a lot had suffered and died in my hands before I got it right. And so - it is important not to give up and slowly figure out what exactly works or doesn't work.

The reality is also knowing the limit. I for one accept my garden is a small spaced garden and therefore my limitation are challenging when it comes to space. Therefore - I cannot stress more on huge plants where they may need bigger space to grow unless I turn them into bonsai.

Another factor of these cascading plants are my pride and joy are the screen effect they give as such like a living "life curtain" and therefore giving me absolute privacy away from prying nosing neighbors. 

Also it keeps my home cool especially when I water the garden - sort of my mini-forest regulating my nature cooling effect. Again - its a good screen for dust - as these create a strong moisture screen and deter dust from entering the home.

So Here the List Goes:

Keeps the Cool during the hot and dry days. 

When watering the plants - these plants retain the water and regulate the cool temperature and also keeps the home cooler compared to the homes that do not have a garden (they may have to rely more on their air conditioning system of which may more on their electricity bill)

Oxygen Factory - Increase Immune System

There are not much study been done on this case especially where one person who lives in a green space filled with green plants and another without. I'm very certain the person who lives in the green space is very much healthy in all expects compared to the one that does not.

The plant does not only provide fresh oxygen but it is the very source itself that is much fresh and alive compared to an artificial one in a gas tank. 

Dust Screen Deterrent

I somehow find less dust comes into the home when these plants somehow create a screen like effect around my house entrance. Thus less dust and better air movement in my living.

I would recommend those who are suffering with breathing ailment like asthma should consider having a garden as such as this - to deter dust and allergies.


I found this was great to create privacy in a tight space neighborhood. There was a time when I didn't have plants and everything that had been done at home is so visible except my curtains which was the only barrier and we often forget to draw the curtains. ( I let you have your imagination run wild)

The Green Effect of Nature - Keeps your Sanity

I wonder if you had felt healthier whenever you see green plants. I just go on my zone sitting by my couch seeing the green cascading plants from my living area. That fills soul - keeping one's sanity.
(especially during these MCO when you can't go out or outdoors - these green living wall really helps a lot)

Enjoy Wildlife coming to the Garden

I wonder if you enjoy watching butterflies, the hummingbirds 
(in my case - sunbirds drinking nectar from the flowers) bubble bee buzzing around.
The chirping of birds and the burst of life - it is just an amazing feeling. 

Plants Cleans Polluted Air

Gardeners enjoy fresh clean air when they garden. Something that many don't get if they stay in a closed environment without any greenery. The fresh oxygenated air refreshes giving good strong lungs building a strong immune system

No Mosquito's - No Denggi

I heard so many people are so worried about mosquito's but found that those who suffered denggi fever seemed not to have a garden. That surprised me as I found that I rarely get mosquito's into my home.
Then I realized that the ecology outside somehow create a balance that everything of life stays outside.  

Also I had found that I have spider webs, dragonflies and praying mantis. 
That builds a strong ecology balance in my small spaced garden.

Cultivating an Exclusive Garden Plants.

Unlike many simple gardens where plants are not well arranged where you not find a theme and in a way, array of all kinds of plants that fill up a garden space which may be OK for a beginner but not so appealing when you are really looking for an elegant feel.

These cascading plants are consider rare and difficult to cultivate but when come to place where you manage to cultivate it - it really gives a sense of victory, a success that heightens up the confidence level and gives that edge to push oneself for more challenges and press forward to become more successful in other areas in life.

They Reduce Stress

All things said - I find that Gardening is Part and Parcel of Life.
Touching the Soil, Feeling the Plants and Watering is somehow create the wholesomeness in one's Life. There are more to be said and discuss when it comes to this but more than that.. It is more experienced and felt than reasoned.

I would say. Only a Gardener would understand this - a true gardener will not able to live if he or she stopped gardening. If that happens - it means that person had an emergency where other priority took precedence - (like had an accident, life changing matters) otherwise - It's all Gardening & Plants.

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