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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pilea cadierei - Aluminum plant

I would consider this a big surprise to note that this is actually a pilea.

Pilea cadierei commonly known as a Aluminum plant, a very popular plant grown for the lovely white silvery spots on the foliage surface.

This one require more on the sunny side for the white silver spots to appear on the foliage. Too shaded and the leaves will be more green than the silver. Also it may become leggy looking for sunlight.

Just like most plants - this may require daily watering on a hot day. Do refrain overwatering especially during rainy days as it may cause root rot.

Normal potting mix - I find this one is not fussy - it can grow in any normal soil condition.

I had hard times battling with mealy bugs and white flies that heavily attack at the underside of the leaves. I suspect it could be due to lack of sunlight as my garden is very much shaded.

Unfortunately the plant suffered badly from the heavy ordeal of pesticide and the continuous pest attack and eventually died. I did not introduce the plant back due to fear of the pest might infect other plants and I'm not keen in applying pesticide in my garden.

I might start trying again later as I'm keen to collect all the pilea species together. I'm totally unable that the pilea species does so well in my garden without much care.

These are the pictures of my garden where I had planted them years ago. As I mentioned I haven't cultivated them again and thus do forgive me for introducing them here as they are from years of experience before.

I guess it is something like memory lane - some plants do stick with you forever and others pass you by. I wonder if I still miss them - perhaps I might try again if I can ask my friends around if they still have them in their garden.

1 comment:

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi James! This is a new plant for me. I like its variegation. Also, I like your phrase about a memory lane! Happy gardening to you!

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