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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pilea nummulariifolia - Creeping Charlie

Pilea nummulariifolia commonly known as Creeping Charlie.

The leaves are oval shaped with bright glossy green with wrinkles on them. It is a soft pink veins only appear in that color when exposed to direct sun. When planted in shaded area - the foliage does appear to be larger and dark green.

This cascading basket plant is often mistaken for a mint plant. I often prove my curious friends by pinching the leaves and ask them to smell as this one is without fragrance. You should see the shock of disappointment as all of them thought that this was mint and therefore wanted to use it for culinary purposes.

Care and Maintenance:

I often heard that many of my gardener's friends had killed due to overwatering and overfeeding.
I would advise to consider it as a weed plant - to let it grow as ground cover and let it be. I rarely water them in this side of the garden (almost at the border of the drainside) and so it's quite unreachable from my angle from the garden.

Recommend it for bright direct light for few hours in a day. They can also grow in semi-shade location. 

Normal potting mix - I find this one is not fussy - it can grow in any kind of soil condition.

Do be cautious on the feeding though - as I had heard report they don't fair well on over-feeding.
And strangely might thrived without any care at all.

I would recommend watering it daily on a hot day. They can appear burned and very light green to yellow shades with burned spots when lacking water - however this is a hardy plant.

There are concerns that this can be invasive as their trailing behavior can overtake and overgrow.
And I would recommend that if you have such fears - do grow them as basket plants and they do good as cascading plants.

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