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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, April 13, 2020

Vertical Garden Update - Dec 2019

This is one of the best garden set-up which I really loved compared to so many others but pity it didn't last long as some of the plants had finished it's season and thus I had to revert to a different plants and reset them accordingly.

Nevertheless, the beauty is profound.
Here, the Staghorn fern had put out many cascading shoots, during this season where it rains more often and the humidity is high -these plants had thrived well.

The begonias did so well, especially the martin mystery.
I had become very ambitious and started to prune and propagate them in all of the available pots along that stretch but unfortunately non had survived during that wet season.

Another setback was the dormancy of orchids which still proved to be challenging as they often started to rot or dried off. And so, I had pushed them back into smaller containers and revert other bromeliads in those spaces.

Also episcias seemed to prove challenging as well especially the ants started farming on them bringing scale insects on them and these plants started to succumb and rot away.
Seeing to this challenge - I had lost considerable amount of species together with rodent problems which came together with this that did not help either.

The stress was too unbearable and the whole episcia species just disintegrated.

On the bright side - I decided to devote my focus and energy on colored strong plants and hence I believe Bromeliads would be a good substitute for this challenge.

These bromeliads are just gorgeous. 

They layered so well in that formation and the aligned beauty of the lime-light green just suited well in the color-theme of my vertical garden. However, this set-up only lasted for few months as the rosette started to arch upward and some of them started to rot being overcrowded and lacking growth space.

Eventually I had reset them and these extra's exchanged for a different varieties with other gardening friends. It was indeed an exhilarating experience receive many different species and cultivars through the exchange.

Also, I had added another improvement where I had fastened the fake grass against the wall to give that lavish green finish which somehow brings out the foliage colors better from that background.

Especially for Agloanema's the red coloration just exclusively stands out.

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