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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, April 13, 2020

Airplant Collection - Various Species

This was doing well for some time then suddenly it got burned up and just disintegrated and fall away. I was shocked to noticed when it succumb as it was doing so well over the years. I guess they are not heat tolerant as during the few weeks of very hot and dry weather was not favorable for them.

Tillandsia 'Cotton Candy'

I find this one a bit challenging - I had killed a few as it had rotten away and so care must be given to ensure that it is not strongly exposed to direct open rain in long-term. This can prove fatal for them.

Tillandsia 'magnusiana'
Another one bite the dust literally when it rained continuously for many days. I suddenly noticed the whole plant in grey and was worried. I took it indoor and placed it under the fan and was happy to see it turn silvery white but it was too late - the whole thing disintegrated like feathers as the drying effect is not so effective.

I don't think I'm going to cultivate this one unless I find a good location for this one.

Tillandsia 'baileyi X schiedeana mini'

This one is a winner - I started falling in love with the green foliage types as they seemed to be more hardy and able to handle high humidity well compared to the silver ones.

 This however is a lovely clump and I'm just loving the whole community ball thing.

Tillandsia 'funckiana'

This particular one loves to cascade and fall like hanging brush. This one have a pine leaves kind of appearance and many new sprouts easily form from the main stalk. However they can be a little sensitive and break easily from the main branch and therefore securing them properly as they don't fall away and get lost.

Tillandsia Ionantha 

This is the most common and the most easiest one to care for. I would totally recommend this one first for beginners who wish to start with the airplant collection. Truly this is a beauty and when they had flowered new pups appears from the foliage sides and slowly forming into a ball shape.

Do check out my detailed information on how I care for my Airplants on my link below:
Care & Cultivation on Airplants

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Beautiful display, James!

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