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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, April 13, 2020

Airplant - Tillandsia xerographica hybrids

I have been keeping this one for years and their foliage structure still amaze me appearing like an octopus like tentacles - the leaves curls and cascade gracefully.

The ID seemed to be mysterious to me as it can be either a species or a hybrid based on the appearance my closest guess is that it is a Tillandsia xerographica hybrid.

If you notice the leaves are in silvery color - it has this velvet kind of surface where it is covered with specialized cells known as (trichomes) capable of rapidly absorbing water that gathers on the surface of the foliage. That is how they survive - when the leaves gets wet - they turn green.

Once they get dry - they turn back to their original silver coloration.

There are two types common types - the silver and green.
This particular type - the silver requires more care as they are not as hardy as the green counterpart.
And so - do be cautious on the watering regime as they can rot easily if over-watered.

However the one below is a true Tillandsia xerographica which I had purchased recently.
It is now showing new foliage growth as you can notice the spike like leaves from the center.

It is a slow growing plant and may get easily damaged if handled roughly therefore place them in a permanent location as they don't get stressed and avoid removing them often.

Some growers advise the gardeners to often submerge them in water and turn them upside down to drain off the excess water - I find that too tedious and requiring too much effort. It is best to tie them up side ways and water them daily if the conditions are right.

Do check out my detailed information on how I care for my Airplants on my link below:

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