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Friday, April 8, 2022

How to Identify Different Types of Anthurium Crystallinum Hybrids and Magnificum Hybrids (Video)

These are basically my collection of Anthuriums which I have managed to collect and cultivate over the years. These are very slow growing plants - where the growth process is very likely limited as one leaf per month hence a lot of patience it required and also I had find that their leaves can easily get damaged hence a lot of care is required in cultivating these type of plant. 

This particular type of Anthurium are very much cultivated for their foliage beauty - very much directed as an ornamental plant and also can be considered as a Rare Plant Type. Here in this video - I will be talking a lot of their many different variations in between their plant characteristics in their hybrid difference and what to look out for their unique features. 

The identification factor is very much directed in noting all the special and unique features on these Anthurium plants.

Anthurium Arrow "Brownii" Vs Anthurium "Black Beauty" (Video)

Here is very much a simple side by side plant comparison between both of these Anthurium species where they are indeed very unique and different in comparison to most other foliage and flowering types. 

Also some basic thoughts and discussion on their difference and more in-depth plant profile view.

How to Propagate Rare Anthuriums using Bare Stem Cutting (Video)

Here in this Tutorial - I show how I propagate Bare Stem Cutting using 2 methods firstly encouraging the root growth and gradually introducing them to a normal potting media. Also some general idea - tips and plant care tips on how to cultivate these Rare Anthurium Plants.

How to Propagate Anthurium Crystallinum Hybrid using Fast, Easy, Short-cut Method (Video)

Here in this video, I will be sharing my special method where there is 100% success rate of the fast, easy and short-cut propagation method of the Anthurium crystallinum hybrid Plant. 
General Characteristics of Anthurium Crytallinum Hybrid - using cuttings. 

1) The foliage is slightly larger than the usual common Anthurium Crystallinum but not larger than the common Anthurium Magnificum. 

2) These grow at the base of the root ball and form a colony of plants together in a cluster unlike other varieties where they grow tall in an upright position without giving out any saplings at the base of the plant. 

3) The plant does not have a "dot" appearance at the central portion where the petiole meets the foliage - it does have protruding surface veins on the leaf surface. The foliage has a nice velvety sheen - the younger leaves appear to be soft and fragile and can easily bruise or damage. 

4) My Propagated method includes the planting medium used, instructions on how and where to make the cuts and styles of propagation.

 #Easy Anthurium Propagation using Cutting,
 #Anthurium Crystallinum Hybrid,

Sunday, April 3, 2022

KVPA Plant Acquisition Event No 7 (#PAE7)



What is KVPA PAE7 all about?

KVPA PAE7 (Plant Acquisition Exchange NO:7)  Events are basically where members and home gardeners to gift, exchange, sell and buy plants. Due to a huge support for this particular event - the venue was re-located to the carpark of Masjid Saidina Umar Al-Khattab, where Pasar Tani is held every Saturday.

Initially the event was allocated in Kebun Mas but due to the overwhelming response from the vendors and visitors, were re-allocated to a bigger venue to cater the crowd.

Vendors can drive into the allocated site for selling while shoppers park outside.
Commercial sellers will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Apart from this, all other Essential matters have been briefed especially the standard details of SOP and logistics.

The picture above was taken by Prof. from my garden and used it as a template for the Event Poster.

Carpark Venue:

Pasar Tani, Bukit Damansara
Time : 9.00am - 10.30am
(you can stay back till 12.30pm but its going to be hot blazing sun)

Carpark - Vendors
Due to 50 car-booth sale vendors taking part in this event - we need to make sure everything is smooth and easy.

1) Car park attendant n Stationary
For this reason -We are asking RM2.00 from each vendors to pay for the Attendant and also to buy tapes to set and mark boundaries. Please pay to Prof. Chan once you have parked.
2) Visitor Parking
There is ample parking space along the vicinity of the school area also a huge parking spot at the back for the Masjid. You will have to drive around the mosque to reach this other carpark.

3) Timing - Vendors
I would really recommend everyone to come very early in the morning like 8.30am and set everything and be ready.

4) Drop off /Pick-up point
For those who need to collect their plants in case its to huge or too many.
The 2nd exit point can be used for drop off n pick -up for easy excess.

Acknowledgement from James David

A big thank you to all the members who have done a good job in keeping the place tidy and clean and being so co-operative and managed to handle the burning hot sun.
I bought as much as I sold and felt no restraints as all the plants sold are so worth it. I hope I have managed to say hello to everyone who came for the event. Also I'm glad to meet some of the members who always come with support and excitement.

Also some new vendors who joined in for the first time. I will write a nicer write up n share in my blog concerning warm memories and my heartfelt thanks to all who made this event a success.
Thank you everyone for coming and making this a successful beautiful morning.
Also thank you so much for those who have given gifts to me. It truly warmed my heart.
On behalf of the organizing team.
Thank you so much for making this event a successful one.
Also I want to apologize for any mistakes and setbacks taken place during this event.
Thank you for your patience and we will definitely do better in our next coming events.

Admin's Notes from Prof. Chan

So KVPA has organized 7 plant acquisition events to date. We tried out a new venue this time and it turns out that most members have found it a bit too open, too hot and too big. Hence we shall revert to our little cozy and shady spot at the carpark near the Italian Restaurant in future.

PAE7 was another success story in spite of a few hiccups here and there. The organizing committee met a few times to work things out. I recognize the hard work put in by
James David and Datin Mas Adom and I cannot thank them enough for their contributions. Our heartfelt thanks to the Masjid committee for letting us use the "Pasar Tani" site for free.
Our members came out in full force, filling up our quota of 50 vendors at a frenzied pace. We may not be able to accommodate these numbers in future and I am mulling over the idea of having themed events, like one for edibles, one for medicinal plants, one for ornamentals, etc. I will ask for ideas and feedback later.

Apart from plant acquisition which in itself is already such an exhilarating experience for us plant people, PAE7 offered more. We brought excitement through the Vendor Board competition. Thank you Elvin Loh for coming up with this fabulous idea. Initially I had not a clue of what prize I should prepare, then the brain started ticking...go back to the members and ask whoever is able to, to contribute a little gift that would fill up a basket donated by Callie Chan. The basket got filled up with too many goodies for me to list, a testimony to the generosity of our members. A big thank you to all who put a little something in the basket. And congratulations to the winner, Cindy.

Two members made "kuih" and went around offering delightful free bites to everyone. Thank you Cindy and Kenneth for this very thoughtful gesture. "Kuih bingka" and "pulut kaya" had never tasted so good before.

Our volunteer photographer Elvin was his usual self, offering us over 150 memorable shots of an event that will remain close to our hearts for a long time to come. Jimmy Tan came up with a couple of YouTube. Another photographer, KuanNee Koay recorded most of the vendor boards created specially for the event and with intent to win a prize. I know there were many hopefuls as I saw much passion put into creating the boards. I just wish I had a prize for everyone.

Finally, to all our vendors and visitors - thank you, thank you for bringing so much positive energy to the event. Each event concluded brings more resolve in me to make the next one even better

The organizing committee comprises by these three persons:
James David, Prof. Chan Eng Heng and Datin Mas

Our PEE Tradition where we mark our event by taking this selfie with Yinny Loh, 

Photo place-cards prepared by Alvin Loh for our photoshoots.

Candid pictures taken by my car booth sale (Prof Chan, Callie, Lina Gan & James David)

It is so nice to see Darren our #PEE4 & #PEE5 Organizer dropping by for this event.
(CL Cindy. Darren & Professor)

Jimmy Tan, Prof.Chan and our photographer for the day: Elvin Loh

YC Meng, Prof.Chan & Elvin Loh

YC Meng, Jimmy Tan, Prof. Chan & James David


This was a last minute idea however Elvin Loh our cameraman was able to come up with a quick idea in organizing this contest.

Contest and voting will be taking place on the event day. All 50 vendors will be displaying their creative Registration Board on their cars and everyone including visitors and vendors are allowed to vote once for their favorite creative board.
A small table was set up at the event site where members are able to write their vote Registration Code of your favorite board (eg. PAE7-07, PAE7-23, PEE7-48) clearly on the paper provided, fold it and place it in the basket.

The prize were a collection of something small but useful placed into the basket that made up into the grand prize - a lunch box donated by Khor Hui Min , a plant by Lina Gan, a bar of vegan soap and a turtle mask from Professor and few other collection that filled up the collective gift basket. 

And the Winner of  PAE7 Vendor Registration Board Contest:
PAE7-06 : CL Cindy & Hoh Choy Har
She has a total of 9 votes while PAE7-36 and PAE7-09 has 8 votes each.


We have managed to set all the vendors giving each of them a registration code as it would be easy to monitor and control the number of vendors for this particular event. This also helps to monitor in keeping check and balance as there won't be any "party crashers" as this is exclusively meant for KVPA members only.

Due to this pandemic some of the members had fallen ill and in some circumstances of which where they were unable to attend of which had caused some hiccups in the numeric system, however we have some last minute entries too which had managed to fill up few of  the gap.

These are the list of Names and together with the Registration Code 
(showing the unique creativity and fond memories for our viewing pleasure)

Prof. Chan Eng Heng

Datin Mas Adom

James David

Jenny Lim

Faiz Suboh

CL Cindy & Hoh Choy Har

Lina Gan

Elieen Gan Khoon Tin 


Joyce Huang 


Carmille Wong

TzinNui Chong

Philo D'Cruz

Gratitude Post:
Awesome venue.. Awesome booths.. Awesome people..
The display of plants just brought the place to life...
BIG FAT THANK YOU to Prof Chan Eng Heng, James David Datin Mas for going to soo much trouble to organize the event & make it lively & pleasant for all the PLANT CRAZY PPL in the group.
I thought I was crazy. After joining the group, I found I'm just the tip of the iceberg..
Welcome to all the 1st timers.
I remember when I was a 1st timer & I didn't know anybody..
Hope u had a good time...
Thanks to Jenny Cheong, Sharoh Yip, Erwin Tong, Michelle Lee, Jennifer Ong, Celine Tay, Izan Yunus, Yoke Teng Mak, Hamidah Hayati Abdul Hamid, Aaina Tengku Qiyy Qays, Rin Rin Wong, David Loong, David Kueh, James David, Tini Ishak, Lina Gan, Khor Hui Min , Prof Chan, Carmille Wong, ShiaoChin Ang , Curvin CK, CChin Kian, Amy Leo, Fe Krishnan, Chew Lee, Sarah Chong, Zubaidah Sarwan, Chinn Kian. Pleasure doing biz with all of you. Thanks for supporting me. Trust my plants will find a warm & happy home with you.

Thank God for the great weather!
Happy & excited to bring home all my new babies..
Now I have to find a cozy spot for all of them..

Sarah Chong

Miratika RFDN

Keats Markandu

Karen Ho assisting with Keats car-booth sale for the first time together in this PAE7 Event.

Rin Rin Wong

Tini Ishak

Callie Chan

Mymoon Alias

(from left: Mymoon, Siti Saroja, Siti Khadijah, Embun, Samsidar)

ShiaoChin Ang

Gratitute Post:

Had so much fun in today's PAE7.
Thanks for members who come visit my booth. Got myself some new plants to experiment with.
The camping chair is only this photo, other time, I'm either standing, squatting explaining plants to visitors, looking for plants for members who booked plants from me, or I went visiting other's booth, that shows busy and successful this event is.
Thank you Prof Chan, Datin Mas & James David for organizing this event. It's my first time to participate and I really like the hype, even my sis who wasn't into plants got herself some plants.

Ho Yee Ning

Alison Loke

Carrie Tan

Carrie exchanged my Blue flowered spiderwort with her "bawang dayak" and it was truly a joy to see the children looking forward to receiving those cuttings of which I had gifted another set for one of her children - I hope the plant blooms soon. 

Boon Ping

Michele Lee

Erwin Tong

Yeap Yann Hong

Aliciasama Alicia

(Alicia is right at the back with Curvin)

Yvonne Tan

Yinny Loh

Sue Chan

Khor Hui Min

CChin Kian

Faiqah Pengu

Izzah Syazwani

Wendy Wong

Angie Yong

Angie Yong (left) with Alison Loke

Sharoh Yip

Wayne Salinger

Chuengfeng Lee (Jay Lee)

Esther Yew

Lee Hua Goh

Free Slot

Gem Lee


Amy Leo

Curvin Ho

Siew Kooi

Jenny Cheong

Jenny Cheong have brought her maid as she can proudly show to her family what fun she was having at event. She didn't take any pics of herself as she was busy purchasing plants - going around checking out all the vendors.

This is the collection of the pictures taken where the crowd gathers for the morning market. Most of the people came in the morning, especially the walk in customers. However by 10.30am the place became too hot and was not conducive as it is open to direct sunlight. Most of the vendors have already started packing and clearing their plants either as giveaways or sold in a bulk prices.

It was indeed a wonderful event with a lot to see and buy - as each vendors brought good quality plants for good sale prices. Indeed it was a gardeners haven for every categories. (Edibles / Ornamentals / Beginners & Seasoned Gardener)

I had stayed around 11.30am and by then most of them who stayed back too have started packing. The weather was blazing hot - and I was kind of worried for my plants that they may wither inside my car. 

I must say that I really enjoyed this particular one in comparison to the earlier one. I had bought so many good quality plants for extremely cheap prices and most of the ones that I wound consider a great buy as I find them rare and difficult to find in the common nursery collection.

We had posted in an online survey to our members who participated our event.
And this is the Results of Our Online Survey.

1. Participation
88 participants of the event responded. 50 were vendors and 38 were visitors or shoppers. I think there were definitely more visitors but we are happy enough with the no. of responses received.

2. The Statistics
A total of 2226 plants exchanged hands and thus found new owners and new homes. Up 700 plants, compared to what we achieved in PEE6. You can refer to the details in the 2nd photo below.
Another significant result is that all our vendors in total sold plants that amounted to almost RM10K!

Special mention is to be made to our top gifters Erwin Tong, Lina Gan and Yinny Loh. Thank you so much for your generosity everyone.
Our top sellers were Erwin, Joyce and Wayne L Salinger and top buyers were Jenny Cheong , Darren Chow and Wayne.

3. Satisfaction Level
We did well here, with almost 90% of our respondents expressing high levels of satisfaction. I will surely look into the factors that caused lower levels of satisfaction.

Indeed each event is unique and has its magic touch especially when gardeners gather as this event is specially catered for these gardeners.
Gardeners for Gardeners.

We look forward for the next PAE8 - Until then, Enjoy Gardening!

Do click on the Link Below for more detailed write-up post on all the List of Collections of 
PEE1 to PAE10

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