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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Coloured Foliages

It took awhile to decide what to keep and throw
and finally the decision made and this is the result.
I had kept all the different of types of dumbcane in a pot and they are doing very well here.

The Watermelon Begonia too decided to do well in this area and became quite dominant.
They are planted together with Aglaonema.

A single pot where all the varieties of dumbcanes put together.
Somehow - this species does so well compared to so many trials and error
I had planted many plants and none did well.

Garden Update - Hanging Version

Finally I had decided on what I want to keep and what I want to throw
(mostly I begged my new garden friends to adopt my plants)
I had given away all of my Bird Nest Ferns, most of the orchids (which never bloomed)
And also all the boring green leafy types - got rid of the invasive Boston Ferns.

The new look consist of Dischidias, Bromeliads, Tassel Ferns and finally Hoya.
I had replanted the invasive Hoya - subjected them into pots and hoping that they will bloom soon.
(Or else they are the next set to get dumped)

I had re-introduced my long missed Spanish Moss that had been idle, hanging pitifully at the gate corner. Now, getting a new look - I was surprised that I managed to make many hangers out of them.
Hopefully they start thriving like the last time.

This is the angle of my garden looking from my entrance door.
The next clearing to be done is the bottom part - its quite a mess and every time I want to reset them;
It either rains, or that I'm occupied with something else and most case - no mood to garden.

I mustered the courage to garden.
It took awhile to harden my heart to clean and clear..
Finally I can see the sunlight coming into my garden..
And.. oh-oh...
It started to burn my very much shaded orchids and bromeliads..

I'm thinking by next year.
My garden theme is very much coloured leaves and blooms.
Hopefully it happens.
The boring green had it era - now its the coloured look.
I really long to see some flowers this time.
At least - just to brighten my day.

Bromeliad Updated

It been the hardest decision
In removing all of them and just keeping the coloured leaf variety.
The green version is reduced to 2 pots - they all had been given away, the damaged ones - thrown.

I'm glad that I had able to do it.
It's been years and they are not been their best in blooming nor looking good.
The pruning and clearing somehow gave more other species to thrive and do well - hopefully.

I had transferred all of them in hanging pots.
Now, they are neat and tidy.
(earlier - I tied them all on tree trunks which eventually they started to rot, giving me a new headache)

I'm looking for new blooms and pups.
Hopefully they give that glory and wonder again.
These wonderful hardy little fellows.

Tassel Ferns - Huperzia & Lycopodium species

Huperzia phlegmaria
The closest common name I can get is Tassel Fern
But you know - its not even a fern.
This one - its the most difficult plant to keep -  had tried few times and it had died on me.
This was the last trial and I have learned my lesson.

I had cut out a pot and hanged it upside down and added coconut husk above it and only use water (never any fertiliser) so far it had survived and now doing somehow well.

Lycopodium nummularifolium
This one is very much another version of the cascading plants.
I had tried propagating it few times but failed in all attempts.
And anything new - well ends up in disaster.
So - I'm just leaving them as they are for now.

Any successful times and suggestions will be greatly appreciated for this kind.
Do feel free to share your thoughts on my comment box.

Dischidia and her Allies

Are you a fan of Dischidia?
Its quite difficult to miss one if you are a fan of cascading plants..
The locals calls its "duit-duit" resembling coins (also equivalent to another look-a-like fern species) 

As usual, carelessly - I had encouraged them to anywhere, everywhere..
Big mistake!
I have to carefully un-twine them and reset them into group setting.
I had lost few of its species (neglect - my fault actually)
I thought they will thrive in the chaos - now I realise they are too late - gone.

This particular species is blooming. 
I really enjoy the bell like shaped flowers, I guess it has nectar and attracted ants all over them.
Dischidia Ruscifolia - Million Hearts.

I got a cutting from a friend which eventually died.
I bought another one from a nursery and it had started to do well

This type tolerates good sun over it.
It has a broader, rounder leaves compared to its other species.
I have yet to find its name.

I found this species somehow does so well that I have too many of it.
Dischidia Oiantha
I had yet to see its flowers

I had lost the variegated species of this type
(has a white stripe over the leaves) and type is a very slow grower.

I had placed some succulent types here - seemed to doing Ok.
Hopefully grows long and beautiful.
I like the ball shaped hangers - it sort of makes life more easier and unique - simply poking them into the ball and having a feel of a world of its own.

This one is lipstick plant - it had stopped flowering for ages but does well as a trailing plant.
I had given all away except this one.
Hopefully it blooms one day.

Staghorn Fern

This really proved a challenging fern to maintain when it suddenly started dying on me.
The leaves had turned brown and almost died on me.
Somehow, just as it had almost going to die.. it had regenerated
I suspect it must be the fertiliser, or the rainwater, or the pond water which I lavishly water over them..
Or it could be the lacking of the sunlight when I had not yet trim down my jungle.

Somehow, after the regeneration.. (clearing and cleaning of my plants)
This one started to do so well now.
I'm still being ambitious of it to totally envelop the whole root ball with a new leaf frond.
Till then, I just hope they do well.

If you have any suggestions - how to make this one look lavish and beautiful
Do share your thoughts in the comment box.

Ferns with Begonias

One ot the things about ferns is that they can become really a pest, which is in a good way - it means its very much agile and able to take any abuse and considered quite a hardy plant..
But it depends how you look at it.

Fluffy ruffle ferns are somehow has a gentle side and somehow forgivable when she lets her hair down. I had earlier reset the whole collection and hanged them by the gate side and planted together with Martin Mystery Bagonias.

It took awhile for them to regen but somehow they managed to stick together.
I almost lost a set of this begonia (it had shed all her leaves) I hope it regenerated... but I guess you might not had noticed it..

These are shaded plants but can handle a bright side area.
Too shaded - the begonia leaves will be in silver, brighter and the leaves are in burgundy.
Many of my friends had mistaken them for 2 different species - this begonia is able to change colours.. 

These only thrive with organic fertiliser - anything else can be too strong for them.
I would recommend if you desire to do a mix & match - this would be a very nice ideal combo.

Or if you have any ideas with mix & match with Fluffy Ruffle Ferns or Martin Mystery Begonia.
I would really like to hear from you.

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