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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Trip to Sg.Buloh Nurseries (Updated 2020)

Most of my friends asked me about where I purchase my plants.
I often tell them about this very famous nurseries, the ones located in Sg. Buloh.

These places were very famous then for the very cheap or close to say affordable prices for wholesale plant supply around the Klang Valley Region.

It was very challenging then when you get there by the word of mouth.
Nowadays with the help of Waze, its so much easier and less hassle.
This post is more or less the roads that leads to the famous place where I purchase most of my plants.

Most of these plants supply are coming from Cameron Highlands,
some are brought from Thailand especially during the festive season.
I realized now that the plant priced had been hiked up recently.
What used to be like RM5 - RM7 has now come to RM10.
The cheapest now are now sold for like 3 plants for RM20.
Still its cheaper than most vendors in KL.

Apparently the supply comes from here and therefore the price increases from one hand to another.

OK getting back to the direction.
My landmark is the Sg.Buloh Hospital.
We shall use that as the first marker.
Here - just follow the signboard and just go straight along the main road.

There is a junction to "Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh" Interchange by the traffic light before the Hospital. Don't turn left - just continue to go straight ahead.

Unless you are using the Highway, you might be coming from here.
Do turn to left towards the Hospital.

You will see the Hospital on the right-hand side of the road,
on the left you will see a field.

After this landmark,
continue to go straight and you will note few nurseries along the roadsides.
If you have all the time, do take the trouble to check the plants and inquire the selling price. Sometimes its cheaper and sometimes it's a little pricey.

The only thing that makes the difference is the number of plants you are planning to buy for a better bargain. At times, the plants sold here are not available at the main center and vise versa.

This is the essential landmark: Sungai Chembong.
There is a small river and a bridge that leads to the nurseries.

You need to turn left once you see this.

Once turning left you will come to the place called:
Dewan Orang Ramai

Beside it is the big signboard giving full details
of all the nurseries in that stretch.

There is a Buddhist Temple at the end of the road.
You can make a U-turn there if you are driving all the way as there is a small road that leads back to another side roads along the "Dewan Orang Ramai area"

Or you can just park alongside of this road
(also some parking space at the Dewan Orang Ramai area)

(Its a good idea to park it here during weekends as too many cars and lorries goes in & out making the road very tight and create a very heavy traffic - a small 2 way road becomes one-lane & everyone squeezing in & out; not worth the trouble)

This place is recently named as Taman Muzium Warisan Kusta.

I believe its now considered as a heritage site,
somehow after a long ordeal of battle where once they were about to be shifted out to a new location and something like that of a sort...
(I'm really not sure of the details)

Location: (click link below)

The "Dewan Orang Ramai" visible after turning to the left together with the big signboard stating all the nurseries listed in that vicinity.

This is how it looks like on a weekday mornings.
Few pointers before you plan to go for plant shopping:

1) Bring a Water Bottle
It can be very hot & humid and it can really tax you in hot morning / afternoon sun.

2) Time to Shop
I would really suggest to come early morning around 10am
That would the best time when most of the suppliers bring their plants to these nurseries and you will be the first hand customer before they are grabbed by other vendors who also buy from here.

A good day to come would be on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Or do check with your favorite nursery when their weekly stock arrives. Saturday & Sundays seemed to be like what's left over after all the nice ones are already taken by the small business nursery vendors.

3) Plan what Plant you are Buying.
Not all is available here, mostly common and few novelty plants.
Sometimes there will be a huge variety of stock of a singular species which is often seasonal.

Therefore it's good to check and do some research who supplies what plant.
A lot of plant hunting is required - it's worth the time and effort as these plants are not often sold in bulk.

As I mentioned earlier, these plants are coming from Cameron Highlands and so they are fresh from the farm and most of them had not be acclimated yet. Therefore it really requires proper care before they are directly exposed to hot direct sun. Again, it depends on which species.

Few gardeners had also mentioned that plants sold here are much more cheaper compared to the ones sold in Cameron Highlands. I believe these were brought in bulk and therefore much cheaper.
The prices and plants change time to time and so up-keeping the value and availability is going to be a challenge.

Regardless, focus on what you want.
Unless other local nurseries grow the plants individually, it's still a good deal to get it from here compared to many places where the price is much more expensive.

I will be posting more detail experience of my visit in these nurseries in my next series.
Do check out my links on the detail pictures of what been currently sold in these nursery as for now.

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Part 1)

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Part 2)

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Part 3)

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Part 4)

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Part 5)

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Final Part)

Or to click on the label Plant Nursery.

I had recently visited Sg. Buloh after the MCO Period (1st week of July 2020)
Do check my video below:


Unknown said...

I have been there a few times before. I must say that my favorite orchids/plants nurseries are the ones at OUG.

James David said...

I came to know that they specialise in orchids.

Anonymous said...

What is OUG???

Anonymous said...

Hi , where can i buy holy basil ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Will be making a trip. (Ann, KL)

sue said...

at lastttttttt... landed here. at this date LOL. thanks so so much for sharing this.

James David said...

Glad you made it..
Happy to help too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

With many thanks James. The directions helped tremendously with the ongoing constructions around the area. (mei, kl)

Unknown said...

Hello James,

Yesterday was my first time to the Sungai Buloh (ex leprosy centre) plant nurseries. Thanks to your picture guide I was able to locate the place pretty quickly.

As for Fang Kiat, they didn't have that many varieties of outdoor plants and I couldn't find what I was looking for and got it after a quick run through of the nurseries further down the road (I still couldn't find the elusive Duke of Tuscany Jasmine..darn. James, you got me hooked on this one! Haha..) I only bought pots, soil and fertilisers from them. If you are looking for pots for soil based plants or aquatic they do have a quite a decent selection.

Okay, for those tech savvies with GPS navigation you won't miss this place. Here are the exact coordinates:

3.221498, 101.590225

This is the starting point of your plant hunting adventure and where this nursery and the Dewan Orang Ramai. If you come for afar like myself, I suggest you go in the morning and take your time to check out the many offerings of plants, pottery, gardening tools and of course the prices and plant condition.


whatdoesthefoxsay90 said...

What time does this nursery close?

Mira said...

Hi, is there anything similar, yet closer to KL city center? I'm looking for outdoor plants - for balcony. Thanks a lot.

gunarama said...

Can anyone advice where I can buy succulent plants.

Unknown said...

Hai, Doyou sell Long Flowered Spider Lily

Anonymous said...

Hi I love Roses .Is it available And any mtr or buses going there?please advise me .Thank u

James David said...

Hi, If you are inquiring about public transport - the closest I can think of is the KTM station that is identified as Sungai Buloh Hospital. It is a distance to walk a bit but there are many nurseries along the main road. Otherwise, you can get a grab from the KTM station which is fairly affordable.

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