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My Vertical Garden Wall


Monday, November 11, 2019

Sg Buloh Nursery Visits (Part 4)

This is the follow up posting of my latest visit to Taman Muzium Warisan Kusta
A Trip to Sg.Buloh Nurseries (Updated 2019)

Here I want to showcase what plants been sold currently in the market.
On What you can expect to find in the Sg. Buloh Nurseries.

Here in this particular nursery, 
the plant selection is excellent and well arranged.
The prices are fixed here so I doubt you can bargain the price down here.

Some nurseries focuses on a particular theme or types of plants.
Basically I just want to showcase what plants been sold currently in the market. 
What is normally sold in these nurseries and their various plant collection.

This is the Part 4 (Continuation of the Earlier Post) 
I had arranged the pictures below:

I think some plants sold here are season, especially the begonias.
I had not seen new begonias been stocked up and the current ones are the left over of few weeks old. 
Some of the begonias are slowly acclimatizing but some aren't doing well.

Again, I'm an ardent collector of begonias and so, I do scout out and look for these plant specimen and what I find very interesting is that at times, one of two species begonias get mixed up with rex begonias and they are sold for a flat standard price.

That's what I consider a treasure hunting, a good bargain to look out for.

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