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Sunday, November 3, 2019

DragonTail Plant - Epiprennum pinnatum - Best Indoor Plant

I would like to introduce a New Series on Indoor Plants
and hope to come up with 10 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners.

I'm guessing that if you had already had hands on other hardy plants and you are ready for a new challenge - these fall in more to a expert level plant to grow and maintenance.
Many gardeners had shared their woe and sorrow as these had died in their care.
Regardless, these are considered the cherry on of the cream type of plant.
Truly a pride and joy for the accomplishment in caring and growing them.

Let me introduce this plant:
Epiprennum pinnatum commonly known as Dragon Tail Plant.

The leaves continues to morph and change according to the age & growth of the plant and somehow it's often confused with different species names based on the leaf types but its all actually from the same plant.

Like most Monstera sp, their foliage do tend to grow big.
They are indeed a slow growing plant.
Their saplings seemed to have no splits.
This often gives the mis-identification as a philodendron or a pothos when its in stage.

Only when it reached the juvenile stage will you able to see the split leaves,
like the picture above.

Here you can see that  no two leaves have the same markings. 
This gives the identity that their characteristics are very unique. 
Perhaps its such to confuse their enemies from consuming them.

I had seen few of these growing like wild plant trailing everywhere 
around my region without any care. 

These are native here and some people have using these for traditional medicine purpose. There are indication that these are edible just like monstera deliciosa fruit but I dare not try these exotic fruits.

I had not owned this plant yet due to it's huge size and my limited garden space.
It is indeed an acquired taste too - having huge leaves structures need open space for them to grow unhindered. I had noticed that they do very beautifully in white pots and wall backgrounds.

I'm suspecting that if this grows on a tree trunk or an the climbing medium surface it might morph to its huge wild size. Like this picture here taken around my housing area. When it's growing against the wall - the true nature of the plant reveals all its features.

Still considered highly sought after, I rarely find these sold in most nurseries. 

This particular nursery sells them for a very high price as a potted plant with a totem. 
I dare not even ask for the price sold here as the vendor is very snobbish.

How to Propagate a Dragon Tail Plant:

Unlike most plants, this one rarely form seeds.
The best practical way to propagate them is through stem cuttings. The only setback is that this one is considered more sensitive and so more care is required as the cutting do not succumb to stem rot.

1) Always (I mean the Emphasis) Sterile the Tools before using them.
You can either wash them first soap and soak the cutting tool (scissors or knife) with alcohol or heat up on fire.
Again, do not immediately use a hot burning scissors, wait for it to cool down.
 (I almost forgot and was about to cut a plant - almost cooked it in the process)

2) Rooting in Water.
To change the water often on daily basis if you are rooting the cutting in water. This will keep the water fresh from harboring bacteria that might cause further damage in stem or root rot.

3) Gentle on the New Roots
Keep the medium ready, Put in the plant first and pour in the medium and compress gently. I had seen people roughly force the cutting into a hardened potted medium and the stem snaps in that process.

I'm pretty sure its had been updated, reclassified and some new cultivar and species been discovered.
The one thing that make a difference is to chose and have a collection based on what pleases you and the availability of space and plant management on your side.

Do share with me your thoughts and experience with your Dragon Tail Plant in comment box below:

Why you find them special and gives you that joyful, fulfilling garden experience.

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