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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Garden Blooms

It has been quite a while had posted anything and I realised that time do fly very quickly. In moments like these, my garden had become more into a survival mode where daily watering is a very difficult task.

Most of my garden plants are infested with whiteflies, mealybugs and snails.
And to add to that injury - weeds grows freely among the garden plants, uprooting them sort off rips off half of the soil from the potted plants. Most of them needs resetting and pruning. Something I dare not do as I will not able to stop myself & may not able to finish any in time, creating more mess (as usual)

Its really pathethic to call it a garden.
When I make the time to simply do the easy chores - that would be the time when nature decide that it should rain cats & dogs. So much so, my porch is wet and dirty. My garden plants had doubled up (it happens when most of them have pups and become leggy)

I often tell myself I will pass this one & that one to some friends and at the end, forget about it and now become clueless why it look messier than the first time. Probably, I got high expectation when it comes to gardening. Perhaps - its often thought that a small, compact potted garden plants might not be so difficult to manage and simply enjoyed.

Well, the good thing about having hardy plants is that they can take care of themselves for sometime. (perhaps until weekend) and rainy days is an added bonus (no need to do watering - often) and I guess it sort of creates a shock of rain & shine for these to plants to bloom, especially orchids. (I didn't realise the bloom until a week later when I notice something purple striking out in the midst of green!)

Above all, I apologise to you all my garden friends for not following up with my blog nor visiting your gardens (via blog) nor replying nor commenting. It had been been really hectic these few weeks and to jump start in getting myself seemed to be more a difficult task that I preceived.

I guess - its a season I'm facing now (probably an invisible winter) a feeling of coldness and a sudden lack of interest (with a load of errants that keep piling up) and a bigger measure of feeling tired most of the time. Perhaps, spring is at the corner (hopefully soon) - hopefully that might bring some cheer - as to say, for Garden sake.

Till then, I bless you with these lovely blooms, may they brighten your day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wishbone Flower - Torenia Fournieri

One of the most enjoyable plants I have in my garden. They constantly bloom. The only setback is that they get infested with mealybug farmed by ants and that if you forget to water - they tend to wither and may not recover back from the former glory.

The good thing is that they resurrect back during the end of the year during the raining season and they just sprout everywhere - wherever the seeds had sprouted. And so, to say this plant had totally died from the garden - may not be true as they do come back again.

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