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Here is where I share all my tropical garden design, concepts, themes & experiences, secrets and tips in gardening, plant care, my plant discoveries, experiments of my trials & errors.

I'm blessed with the Hot & Wet Tropical Climate and my endeavour with Tropical Garden & Rare, Exotic Plants.

I am a Plant Enthusiast and Gardening is a major part of my life where I love to share my thoughts, experiences & life work.

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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall
My Vertical Garden Wall

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

August 2019 Updates

I thought it would be a quick clean-up and a fast tidying up works only to drag for few weeks and the delay enormously tiring. My mood was fast eroding and I wished I didn't disturb the garden.

Slowly but surely.. After resetting one pot and another, I managed to clear most of them and bring out the optimal viewing pleasure and their better span of growth and well being.

A few new additions replacing some dead ones. Hopefully they make it for the next season.
I realised that its not the number of plants in the garden rather the quality and the health of the plants and the ability for them to thrive in their best primed space.

Do let me know what you think about these new updates.

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