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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Epiphyte Garden

One thing I can say about Epipthyte Set-up: It can really get messy.
Being neat is a great virtue for when it comes to gardening.
The plants however really don't know what is the meaning of it.
(blame it on the plants - you say?)

I wonder if that reflects the gardener - regardless, I enjoy plants that behave that way.
Its a control chaos kind of thing - All within their set boundaries.
As long as they don't kill another plant - that is going be a challenge but somehow since all of them are slow growers - its a bit on the manageable control in keeping the rest of of the gang in check.

Ferns can be quite a rowdy specially the Sword-ferns.
I had pulled out few as they truly shows their tantrums over the orchids.
Their roots fully invaded my Grammaphyllum orchid and I had to reset the whole thing.

Here Earth Stars are introduced in hangers and they are doing fine.
Another Bromeliad seemed to be happy in her sitting place and the ferns are well behaved and in their best in their designated locations.

Its difficult to say the outcome of it but I just have to go with the flow with this one.
And being neat?
Well, its a seasonal thing when I clean, cut and prune them to misbehave as the time goes by.

Dischidia Species

My favourite tree dwelling plants.
I'm suspecting that it is an acquired taste as I rarely find them sold in main-line nurseries.
There are sometimes they do have their comeback in some seasons but in most cases - its a rare find.

I have manage to get few here and there - some bought and some exchanged with fellow gardeners from their collection. They are indeed hardy plant but they grow ever so slowly like the Hoya species which also give another set back that they can slowly die if not given proper care.

I had not seen them bloom in my garden - where the flowers resembles tiny bells similar to a Hoya bloom.
Another messy plant with my Epiphyte gang - I just love the dangling, cascading effect from them.
I don't mind having more dischidias - locally known as duit-duit.

Often mistaken for dischidia -a parasite plant - Dragon scale Fern  (Pyrrosia piloselloides)
One of the things about this fern is that it can totally envelop everything and choke whatever that grows on the branch.
Again its a contention whether this fern is a parasite or not. Reminds me of the Strangling Fig that finds its way from the branches and invade the roots and totally choking the tree.
I wonder if this fern behaves the same.

Air Plant Collection

I find airplants had suddenly became a companion plants
with the rest of the Epiphyte.
The earlier majestic looking Spanish Moss had reduced to few strands due the lack of care during the porch construction time. They didn't recover from that stress and most of them had got burned.

I had reset them into small cups - I hoping that they will regenerate faster as I dowse them in the fish pond time to time. Only time can tell whether they make it.
If not - I will have to just focus more on the hardier types.

Airplants aren't fussy plant - they won't really grow fast but if they are happy,
they do give out few pups to increase their population.
I do not have many to make a visual impact but somehow they just have the way of making an exotic feel of silver leaved plants to go together with my boring greens.

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