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My Vertical Garden Wall


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bromeliad Collection

I do not have a huge bromeliad collection as some gardeners do. Most species prove to be very expensive and a single mistake can prove fatal for the plant. I for one prefer not to purchase anything expensive. These are Earthstars purchased separately with good offer prices ranging like 3 plant for RM10.00.

I also realise that many of these Earth Star bromeliads are not found in the same nurseries. And therefore one is require to go head hunting for them selecting and checking their varieties less you might purchase the same species again.

What I want to showcase here is that these leaves give that plastic sheen look once they are wet. This picure is taken just after a slight rain shower.

This Bromeliad is rescued. Its ID is yet to be identified only available when it gives out it bloom. And I'm still awaiting to see it happen as this plant is rescued and had given out few pups from the mother plant.

This one (pic. below) is passed to me by a friend from a plant exchange I had done recently. It had now showing a flower bloom appearing at the centre of the crown.

I had purchased this red flashy one from Sg.Buloh Nursery recently for RM10.00. After a detailed inspection I manage to get one that has 4 pups on it. Somehow I find that this red species seemed to be very slow in giving out it pups and earlier I only have one which failed to produce any pups so far.

This Earth Star is super in giving out pups. It had produced many pups that I was able to line in up together with my frog figurine in my earlier post.


Our photos said...

Beautiful are the bromeliad photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

Stephanie said...

Your Earth Stars are always, pretty! good job :-)

Mystic Dreamer said...

I have a couple of earth stars. Not as pretty as your though. Good job.

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