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Monday, April 27, 2020

Alocasia Odora - Night-scented lily

This particular plant more likely looking like an elephant ear plant is the most common one you will ever find growing everywhere like a wild plant. 

This one may be considered like a weed and may be mistaken for a yam 
- this one though (alocasia odora) is not edible.

Alocasia odora commonly known as night-scented lily, Asian Taro or giant Upright Elephant Ear.

However I must emphasise that this is NOT a Colocasia species where it is considered as a Taro (which is edible) 

This one unfortunately is NOT TARO and had caused poisoning over the confusion over the difference of the species - especially Alocasia contains the needle-shaped raphides (calcium oxalate crystals) in the plant cells.

Though the appearance looks similar - they are different plants.

Care & Maintenance:

Considered fairly easy as this is a tropical hardy plant similar to most bog aquatic characteristics they do love water but can tolerate without them too.

Propagation: By Tuber Division.

When the tuber grows big, cut into several pieces and let it totally dry out for few days and plant it in a rich potting medium and observe for new growth. Once the plant-let sprout out 2-3 new leaves, transfer into a separate pot and let it allow to grow more freely with root space.

Also this plant do give out new plant sprouting from it side which can be easily removed and replanted separately.

Plant Care:

Light: Bright Indirect Sun Area to Semi Shade Area.
They can be grown on direct sun but requires a swampy condition - loves wet feet areas.

They love over watering and can also tolerate dry conditions but won't grow bigger than usual in dry conditions.

General Plant Feeding Care - not too particular as this is not a sensitive plant

Spider mites might be found at underside of leaves.

This particular one is growing in total shade. Note the dark green sheen on the foliage. I had not seen the foliage point upward straight especially the tipping point. Also this one is totally have the leaf fully covered by where the stem is connected.

Hence I believe this one is Alocasia Odora due to that feature.

This is the underside of the foliage.

Also this is the common aroid flower - that appears with two parts of the flower parts.
The stick looking thing inside the hood is known as spadix.
The covering hood is known as spathe and the bottom bulb like cover is known as floral chamber.

Normally the Peace lily plant or Anthurium will have a well defined floral structure that can last for months - this one may last for few days.

Eventually pollination will take place with berry like seeds appearing on the spadix which will be propagated by birds or it's animals that eat it and the seeds deposited in their dropping.

Do click to the Link Below 

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