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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Airplant - Tillandsia cyanea

Being a Tillandsia I would consider this falls into an airplant catagory but this is the only species that actually grows on a soil medium. It behaves almost like a bromeliad species and the flower have similar appearance.

It is known as Pink Quill Plant where it has spike like bract that last for few weeks of which blue dandy flowers appears from it that last a day. These flowers do constantly make their appearance as long as the bract lasts. Eventually the bract turns green and slowly drys away.

When this happens, new pups appears from the leaves forming new plants. It can be a bit messy as these pups form from inside the parent plant and so proper care is required to carefully snap and remove the pups once the pups had grown bigger.

Leaving them too long with the parent plant can cause the mother plant to exhaust itself and die away, therefore removing them on the ideal timing can extend the parent plant lifespan - making them to produce more new pups.

Although this is a Tillandsia - the care and maintenance is very much like the bromeliad needs.
Therefore adequate indirect light and watering is required for this one. 

This is a thirsty plant - too less water can make this plant totally dry and burned off but too much water can also make them totally rot - an ideal balance is required to ensure its fully hydrated.

I just wanted to show my airplant collection here where it also showcase my Spanish Moss which is also another Airplant species. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing my collection and do share with me your thoughts and experience with airplants.


Stephanie said...

Hello James,

Once one big tillandsia died on me while flowering. Hmm... seeing yours make me wanna to grow tillandsias again. Like your air plants! Good job.

Stay calm and garden on :D

Arun Goyal said...

Hi james,I had hard luck in growing air plants always my all attempts to make them survive have miserable failed .I don't know what went wrong in growing them but it is such an amazing and exciting feel to see them growing effortlessly at your place.I liked your youtube video looking forward to more videos on guidance to growing plants.

James David said...

Hi Stephanie,

I had the same experience before but just after flowering they put out few pups from the leaf sides - I just focus on the easy ones and hardy ones as noting our weather is so unpredictable of constant rain and dry hot humid weather - it can be very challenging to get that ideal constant climate for them.

Hello Arul Goyal,

I don't know how to tell you this - you grow so many challenging and beautiful plants in your garden that I can just jaw-drop and be amazed with your success in those lovely plants..
And concerning airplants - they are nothing much of care required - just finding the right niche of right spot for them - not too hot, cool and airy location in my garden.

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