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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Spathiphyllum wallisii - Peace Lily


There are so many plants that belonged in the Aroids order and Peace Lily is one of them. Strangely there are many different varieties and cultivars available for Peace Lilies too  - similar with Anthurium blooming species - Peace Lily are cultivated for their white blooms.

These flowers form a cobra hood shape - the common flowering bloom structure for this particular plant order. Occasionally I had noticed many times - Peace Lily Plants been cultivated as group plants around buildings and indoor areas as they do so well in shaded spot and challenging areas.

Some cultivars don't really need much care, once they had established themselves - the only Care they may require is Watering and occasional pruning.

I have seen this particular one in a miniature version - even placed in a clear glass bowl with it's root-ball suspended on a holder but only the white roots trailing downward creating a unique feature for table plants for indoor setting. They are full of white flowers and incredibility lovely to look at.

Just like most Ariods - these require bright shaded area for them to bloom - they do tolerate total shaded area but rarely bloom. I'm still figuring it out whether they have an aquatic behavior similar to philodendron and potho's. 

I also find that there is some challenges to face this one as their foliage often get attacked by scale insect. If any infestation - a singular pest can fully colonize the whole plant all over and eventually suffocate and kill the plant. 

I for one rarely use pesticide and because of this factor - I had forego cultivating this one for this reason.

Just like most Aroids of this Nature - I believe this one will have similar Care & Needs like most indoor plants where it requires bright shaded area, calculated watering regime as not to over-water to cause root rot, using a fast draining medium with a good fertilizer for it to grow well.

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