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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hanging Garden of Orchids

Necklace Orchid - Coelogyne rochussenii

I had bought this necklace orchid plant very much before without its flowers. Again, because of over zealousness I had over watered it and that had caused root rot and the whole plant died.

The problem with root rot is when the roots withers, the plant do not have the means to take water & nutrients. They can survive for few months due to the pseudo-bulb but if there is no roots or no new roots been sprout out, the plant is most likely going to die.

So, if you do see those new roots crawling out of those pots, do leave them as they are. Better to be seen rather than inside the pot and you have no idea that its been rotting until the signs appears but by then its too late to reverse the damage.

Once you roughly know how to handle these hanging orchid types, basically other types of these genes would be easy. Those with pseudo-bulb as all of them have the same characteristics.

Aerides Orchid

Catasetum Orchid


Anonymous said...

Hi~~ These are real beauties, James. They're interesting in every way. You've got serious talent.

Jacqueline said...

My...what stunning beauties you've presented here! They're absolutely fabulous, James, especially the cascading ones. Thanks for sharing!

Chloe m said...

What would be a good orchid for a beginner?
I saw one that said just give it three ice cubes a day. Does that make sense?
Thanks...your photos are spectacular!

Noelle Johnson said...

Hi James,

Your hanging orchids are so beautiful. I can see where the Necklace Orchid gets its name. Great information on how to take care of them as well. Too many people over-water their plants.

Stephanie said...

So unusual but unique. These orchids are really attractive. I like that necklace orchid too! Have a great weekend!

Autumn Belle said...

Wow, you have managed to get so many blooms from the orchids. That's a job well done! I have never achieved that before. Cheers!

D said...

James, what beautiful and delicate flowers! I especially like the flowing chain of blossoms.

James David said...

I apologise for not putting a vital information here. These are from the Orchid Garden in Kuala Lumpur and not from my garden.
I have been uploading these series of flowers taken from there for these past weeks.
Hope you enjoy all these pictures & information.

Rosey Pollen - I never come across about putting ice cubes, wouldn't they freeze the root and give them frost bites?
As to try for beginner, find if you can get the cheapest and ask for the hardy type.
Most of my orchids were rescued (free) or got them for a very cheap price.

Noelle - yes, too much water kills unless they are semi-aquatic type of plants.

Thank you all for the comments.

badal Photography said...

nice orkid

Makarimi Abdullah said...

The aerides is not the correct name, the real names is Rhyncostylish retusa and the last one, is under clowecetum hybrid (clowesia x catacetum. You got talent and patience to grow orchids. Good luck!

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