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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Saturday, January 28, 2023

KVPA Plant Acquisition Event No 9 (#PAE9)


Date: 16th October July 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 8.30am - 12.00pm

Location / Venue
The venue will be at the public carpark in Lorong Setiabistari 2,
(same venue as PAE8)

Near the KL Italian restaurant
by the name of Via Pre
Via Pre,
25, Lorong Setiabistari 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

1) Plant Exchange and Plant Gifting Only / Shared Booth Space

This round we decided to focus more on this theme where gardeners exchange and gift free plants giveaways hence there are no allocation for Plant Sale this round.

2) Potluck - Breakfast / Finger food.
Also we would like to introduce
& encourage an idea where gardeners also bring potluck to grace the event as breakfast finger-food.

3) No Registration Fees - No Contest
Since there is no selling involved this time around - we won't be collecting registration fees. However we would still need to set registration for keeping update on the number of people attending this event.

4) No Cars Parked Inside Event Location
Also, we will advise since its going to more on a light n easy tone - cars to be parked outside the main event area to maximize vendors space.

5) Drop off / Pick Up (Before / After - Event)
Hence its only going to vendors stalls n station - cars are allowed only to drop-off before and after event timing for set-up n pack up.

6) Purpose :
This time around the organisers feel that we would like to focus more on the community service were we would like to serve and garner more interest for new beginners and gardeners who want to try out new plants without spending a fortune buying plants.

Also giving the opportunity for experienced gardeners to share their knowledge and experience in caring for plants - both edibles
and ornamental plants.

As usual all the Regulations were updated and required to be observed for a smooth event planning.
Here is a summary of what took place on that day

A Warm Acknowledgment from the Organiser:

It was another great event though there were a few untoward incidents.

Firstly, our gratitude to the Universe for giving us such fine weather. 
All your prayers for good weather really helped. Thank you!

All the joyful gifting and exchanges that took place was due to the generosity of the 23 booth owners. Everyone who registered showed up except for two who pulled out at the last minute. The space we had was perfect for the number of booths registered.

We had quite a few first-timers who came with lots of plants to offer. I know they enjoyed themselves and hope they will become our regulars like Callie Chan , Yin Meng Teoh , Esther Yew, Joyce Huang, Yinny Loh , Khor Hui Min , YC Meng, Hoh Choy Har , Lee Hua Goh , Jenny Cheong, Philo D'Cruz , Siew Kooi, Khairunisa, Izan, Tini, ...... I will complete this list later.

Jeffri Lim very graciously accepted the post of official photographer and shared all the wonderful moments captured in his camera.
It was so heart-warming to see a couple of members who brought their moms along. Thank you and i hope they enjoyed themselves.

My co-admin, James David came! I know many were happy to see him again. He is crazily busy these days but took time to help me out with postings and reminders for PAE9. Thank you James for your commitment and help.

I tried something new this time - a potluck party and it turned out to be so so enjoyable. We got to know each other better through the introductions and chitchats while we savoured all the delicious food. And a discovery was made, that many of our KVPA members are amazing cooks!
Those who did not have time to stay back for the party really missed something good.

Meanwhile, tend to all the new plants you have acquired through PAE9.
Take care and be safe at all times!

Gratitude Post from Co-Admin: James David

This time I had step back and become more of a participant than a co-organiser.
However it was a sweet moment to enjoy for me in this PAE.

Kudos for a great job well by Professor Chan Eng Heng for single handedly organised this Event. I'm amazed at her tenacity to pull through and make things happen regardless any circumstances that been thrown against her. (Clap-clap-clap)

My gifting received was very much on the plants that went to heaven in my garden and thanks to you who have generously help me to gift and exchange with me without much fuss or reservations.

I managed to meet up with Tc Lee with the warmest regards as we know each years back. And Im so touched with his smile as he passed his treasured plants to me..
(You want James? Take.. Take.. Take..)

Thanks to Faiz Suboh, for remembering me for the treasured Mican the wild-form. Im so blessed to receive gifts from Jefferson Ng , Salmah Tahir , Venetia Khoo and Tini Ishak for the wonderful plants.

I'm so grateful to you all as I'm unable to give as much as you have given me this round.
Thank you so much for your kindness.
Also it was so nice to say hello to some of the new members who participated this time around.
Also it was nice to hear
Yin Meng Teoh & Hoh Choy Har saying that I lost weight...
Made my day - Thank you! Thank you!

My apologies for unable to spend more time with each and everyone of you. Hope to catch up with you in the next round. Till then,
Lets cherish these friendships while cultivating our garden plants...

Prof. Chan Eng Heng & James David

PAE9-01 (Shared Booth)
Khor Hui Min
(pic not available)

Gratitude Post

It was nice to meet up with and spend time with all the plant people again. Your company has always been pleasant and delightful.
Thank you to Prof. Chan for letting me co-vendor my plants for gifting at her booth.
Thanks also to Joyce Huang for giving me a ride to PAE9 and sending me home, when my car was in the workshop for accident repairs.
The potluck was fun and the food was yummy. 
Thank you all for participating and contributing food. 
I baked the scones and dark chocolate brownies. And also made the tau foo fa (on behalf of Joyce).
It was a leisurely outing for me this time. 

Callie Chan

Gratitude Post

My Gratitude to admin Chan Eng Heng & all KVPA members who attended #PAE9 today. We had a wonderful morning. Thanks Lord for the good weather. The event was another success with many happy recipients including myself for getting lovely plants & enjoying the delicious potluck.

Self introduction by each members who attended the potluck fosters closer understanding . Must say that this group is not solely about gardening interest / exchange but also lots of friendships created along the way. Kudos to all. 

Yinny Loh 

Joyce Huang / Khairunnisa
Khairunnisa, Joyce Huang & Genevieve Lafosse

Gratitude Post from Khairunnisa 

Hi, everyone! It's Khairunnisa. I only managed to capture this image as I was driving away from the PAE9 venue.
Everything happened so fast! I hadn't even finished unloading my car when I was swarmed with people who are supposed to take and receive plants from me. I was so in the moment that it didn't occur to me to take pictures during the event.

It felt so heartwarming to share plants, food and connect with all of you today. I felt a little guilty because I had earlier planned on contributing food for the potluck, but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to prepare anything. Nevertheless, I was still invited to join in.

Thank you to everyone who brought all the delicious food! I really enjoyed them. May you all be blessed with abundance.
On another note, more importantly, I managed to give away a little portion of my garden and have it live in new gardens now. Even though there is no exchange of cash for the plants I bought, just sharing them with other fellow gardeners made me feel satisfied and happy. I hope they all thrive well in your care. If they don't, you're more than welcome to make your way to my humble abode in Subang Jaya to take more, provided I still have them.

It has been a nice event and a wonderful day of sharing and connecting with fellow gardeners.
I'm grateful for being in this group. Do keep in touch and happy gardening.

Gratitude Post from Genevieve Lafosse

Thank you for this amazing first time experience.
Your hard work and generosity is emulated by all in this group, as witnessed this morning.
A big appreciative shoutout to:

Yoke Theng Mak, Keng Lee Yow, Callie, Yinny Loh, Joyce Huang, Khairunisa, Elian Au, Philo D'Cruz, Pushpa Nair, Chris Klemuni, Tina Ishak, Venetia, Anita Francis and her mum, Lee Hua Goh, Jenny Cheong, Siew Kooi, and finally to Yin Meng Teoh, my sister in crime (gardening)

I am grateful for your generosity, and will do all I can to nurture your generous gifts to me.
Ah not to mention the photographer, thank you for your help Jeffery in helping me identifying people.
Genevieve Lafosse 

Esther Yew
Prof Chan & Esther

Tc Lee

Jenny Chua 
Jenny Chua & Prof Chan 

Elian Au

Philo D'Cruz
Hoh Choy Har & Philo

Chris Klemuni / Pushpa Nair
(pic not available)

Tini Ishak
Gratitude Post
I had so much fun today.
Thank you to all that have exchanges with me.
As usual I don't take that many pictures. 
Nice meeting all of you and thank you for the yummiest food.

Venetia Khoo
Venetia Khoo with Yinny Loh

Anita Francis

Lee Hua Goh
(pic not available)

Jenny Cheong

Jefferson Ng

Siew Kooi
(pic not available)

Yin Meng Teoh
Yin Meng Teoh, Hoh Choy Har, Philo, Callie & Jefferson

Salmah Tahir
Gratitude Post

First of all, I like to say thank you to Prof Chan Eng Heng for organising this event & also people who involved making a successful event 

Thanks for the great haul plants from swapped & gifting - Anne Yeow , Yinny Loh, James David, Wendy Wong, Callie Chan , Yoke Theng mak, Venetia Khoo, Fiona wong, Lee Hua Goh, Chet Yin Tow, Yin Meng Teoh & Tini Ishak.

Salmah, Izan & Joyce

Faiz Suboh

YC Meng

The Crowd that Participated on this Event

The Potluck 

Jeffri - our photographer for this event

These are some of the collection of pictures taken in groups and in the crowd who came for the Event that morning. Eventually everyone wrapped out and left the premises by 11.30-12.00pm. It was a beautiful day for Plant lovers and Gardeners alike.

Do click on the Link Below for more detailed write-up post on all the List of Collections of 
PEE1 to PAE10

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