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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Cane Begonia 'U549' / 'Aya' / 'Margaritacea' Hybrid Cultivar - Part 2


I must say that this one is a bit sensitive in my garden, somehow I also found that the similar characteristics like "Maurice Amey" the furry / fuzzy leaves - somehow tend to rot easily when overwatered or their foliage tend to receive damage when they get watered. 

I had accidentally killed it when I had found this potted begonia knocked down by rat or a cat in the night and the content of the plant had spilled all over - I had replanted it back however this begonia never recovered from the initial shock. Eventually it had started to drop off all the leaves one by one and rotten away.

Looking at it again - it does have similar features like a Cane Begonia "Frosty" only this one appears to have broader leaf features.


I must say that very much earlier I had such a strange phenomena where suddenly the healthy appearing begonias suddenly start rotting by the base and I was unable to identify the actual cause of it. It did took a very long time for me to put find the culprit - throughout my earlier experiences I often found that what works for another gardener seemed like it doesn't work for me and end up having the reverse effect when I see my plant suddenly dying.

I only came to realize that the culprit is actually fertilizer. 
The style of application / the method I had done had completely disarrayed them.

The Factor: Never Mix Match your Fertilizer using different brands and different types in alternative weeks time. These do not respond well in different feeding regime - hence if you find the plant is happy with one type - just stick to that one alone.

I had totally stopped using altogether for a month and just stick to the common NPK Orchid foliar fertilizer - using weak strength weekly and weakly and I had found no burns or rot occuring to any my plants.

I realized now that the big huge lesson is that if I get this part wrong - I will lose the whole plant species rotting away and another in another weeks time. Also -  the plant can appear to be doing just fine within the 2-3 weeks time and you may not notice any difference and suddenly the whole plant rotten away from the base.

At first, I had blamed the wood vinegar and slow release fertilizer (Osmocote) - only now, I realized my error - the mix and match feeding regime seemed to be the culprit. Also they don't fair well when the mix includes in between organic and non-organic types - hence I had just stuck with the NPK Orchid Fertilizer - the powdered form - using a tablespoon for a full bucket of water which I keep it standing overnight and spray over the whole garden the next day.

When I do this on weekly cycle - I find all my plants show good steady growth - however I also note that the strength is quite weak that none of the plants showing any inflorescence or flowers for the NPK Orchid Fertilizer where it was meant for blooms. My main concern was keeping the plants healthy in steady growth and it does achieve that desired purpose.


Cane Begonia Care & Cultivation information.

Do click on the Link Above ☝
for more information on Cane Begonias.
Other matters are very much similar with the general information about Cane Begonias.

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