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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Cane Begonia 'Sinbad' - Part 2


I must say that this particular type of Cane Begonia just love to grow bigger leaves - somehow very similar like an elephant ear type of features - very rarely do I find a hardy one - similar behaviour like a Lucerna - hardy and forgiving. I had written another earlier post concerning the characteristics - however I would like to make some additional notes here for more information.

It had been said that this particular Cane Begonia is a hybrid - a cross between Begonia dipetala and Begonia 'U062' - However the authenticity of this information is yet to be verified. As I had mentioned earlier that there are so many different variations and perhaps even the growing conditions which may create a different appearance as where they have been cultivated - these are very much growing in the hot and wet climatic tropical zone where it may appear differently when cultivate in the temperate regions. 


I must say that this one is quite hardy and when the plant is happy - it does grows big and well managed especially the leaves structure where the appearance can be rather large and showy.

Do note that the stem however need support hence a stick or a pole is necessary to fasten or they can rather fall and snap under their own weight. Another thing to note is not to allow these Cane Begonia to grow too tall as they can reach maturity state where the plant can slowly wither away due to old age and these Canes may not be viable for propagation and you have lost the plant 

Hence I will always say - Do take high priority to propagate them and have spares as these can suddenly die and rot away without any warning. And especially if they do start to rot - it is practically too late to safe anything when the rots set in.


Here you can actually see all the detailed information of the foliage structure, pattern and coloration, due note that they can indeed change colors when exposed to more or less light. They do indeed have this snow like features like Begonia "Snow Capped" and a little pink in color with a few varieties of different begonia hybrids put together which I had explained in my earlier post.

The inflorescence however are not showy - much tiny - pendant like in pink, slightly dangling in between nodes and can be easily missed. Hence when some breeds mentioned their cascading showy flowers - I know that that variety may appear like a "Sinbad" but this one however has the flowers similar like a "Burning Bush" inflorescence - the size and feature comparison.

Another detail is intriguing me is that this is identified as an "Angel Wing" Begonia.
Seriously - years ago, you can actually categorise them in such compartmentalized detail but now, when you put a list as "Dragon Wing" / Angel Wing / Devil Wing / Bat Wing
And the actual difference is the spots - said that the Angel wings have white spots and the Dragon Wings doesn't.

However I think, the names sort of a giveway in the sense when I suspect vendors do try to come up with fancy names to re-introduce old plants with new names to attract attention of the buyers and when you actually do a side-by-side comparison, you might be surprised that it may appear to be a same plant or with extremely slight variation.

I must say after another couple of years' time. A new hybrid might be introduced with this parentage which can have profound features of colors and size with another stronger breed. Time will only tell when it is introduced in the market - Hopefully it comes with a nice unique name rather often than not it will be sold mysteriously in bulk without any ID and who knows - whatever fancy a name given by a vendor - it might just stick as a "nickname"

These however are doing very well in my garden condition and I had placed few of the cuttings - planted them around my garden and they truly give that lovely colors and add features in my green foliage garden.


Do click below for more information on Cane Begonias.
Cane Begonia Care & Cultivation information.

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