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Monday, May 18, 2009

Frangipani - Plumeria rubra (TREES & PARKS)


Once Plumeria trees were shunned as the older generation have the idea that this is considered as a "graveyard tree" and often refrained from growing in personal, private gardens.

Now however, the belief and garden taste had changed and I had found that there is a huge liking with fragrant trees and particularly plumerias where people are slowly coming out of the taboo of not growing plumerias.

There were some concerns about my neighbors who may have strong religious beliefs, stating that these trees harbor ghost & spirits which may bring disturbance and uneasiness. However, I reckon that it may be the white frangipani which carries such weight compared to the colorful ones..

I consider them modern & contemporary where they are used for decoration in spa & health centers.

Even the older name "Frangipani" is no longer used rather often referred to the botanical name.
And so this is my experience and finding out their different types which are commonly available around my region.

I'm not fan of big trees but this one had captured my heart. The mysterious aura concerning fragrant flowers and the Balinese style plants truly add glamour and glory in small space garden. 

Plumerias commonly known as Frangipani are truly remarkable specimen. 
You either love them or hate them and it these extreme spectrum - love knows no bounds.

This particular collection of trees are planted along street-side and parks.
Like most tropical plants their general care is very much similar.


These trees appears to be deciduous and very suitable as landscape trees along street sides and parks, like what been shown here, these are in constant blooms and the creates a colorful array of pink blooms in months duration. 

There are a lot of different varieties and colors of Plumerias which does so well in the tropical garden here in my region. There are not many types that have been actively cultivated however some do have showy colorful flowers though the fragrance may not be as strong as the white version.

Check more information on the Basic Care & Maintenance of Plumeria Plant Care in the link below:

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