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Monday, January 3, 2022

Colocasia esculenta 'Black Coral' - Part 2 (Electric Blue Gecko Version)


This particular Colocasia have very strong similarities like Black Ripple Colocasia however the leaves do not have any ripple effect on them. Also this particular one have a strong glossy effect similar like Black Ripple - almost with metallic sheen however not very evidently visually strong like the Electric Blue Gecko.

There have been a lot of discussion and confusion added in actually identifying the true Electric Blue Gecko. Based on my opinion, this particular one was initially sold as "Black Coral" and eventually re-labelled as EBG for a stronger visible coloration on this particular variant.

I had also seen where confusion is added when Black Ripple Plant is also labelled as Electric Blue Gecko - As for me, I know that I don't own one (EBG) as I know the coloration are very strong and visible - especially the blue tones.

Other than that, the Care and Cultivation of this particular Colocasia is very much the same. Click below for more detailed information concerning this matter.

Click on the Link Below
For Detailed information of Care & Cultivation of Colocasias &
For Other Different Types of Colocasia:

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